Well, Goodbye WordPress, Goodbye Sunny Side Anime Blog.

I’m guessing you already have an idea of what this post may be about just by looking at its title, yes, I’m quitting Sunny Side Anime Blog, but I just haven’t given up on writing about anime yet. I just can’t bring myself to write for this blog anymore and honestly, the reason is pretty lame: I just don’t want to…Well, it’s probably more complicated than that.

The thing with this blog is that it took so much from me, the most important of those many things is my time. Time I could have spent together with my family and friends or time spent for myself, studying and keeping myself healthy…or watching porn. I know, I’m my own boss, so why don’t I just change how I do things around here to be less time consuming, right? Well, I’m a terrible boss. For about a few months now, I’ve been begging myself to go on hiatus so I can catch up with my classes but no, I told myself that writing for this blog was my defining passion, the child of my love for anime. Well, I still love anime and that’s not going to change any time soon, but this child of mine has grown up and I’d like to think that one of the ultimate joys of raising a child is watching it grow into something you can be proud of. Well, I’m proud of my blog, very much. Not everyone can say that they made 300 blog posts, and reached out to over 170, 000 people. I’m proud that this blog set me apart from other otaku who were content to simply watch and enjoy anime. Not me, in this blog, I watched anime. I critiqued anime. I made fun of anime. I enjoyed anime. I loved anime. I praised anime. I loved what I did. Sure, there were times when writing became a drag and I found it hard to commit but I always pulled through. That’s love for you.

That’s the problem. I loved this blog too much to the point where I failed to love a lot of more important things. This blog became my Kenosis when it shouldn’t of had. It became what defined who I was because that was the reason why I made it in the first place. I was lost with myself and instead of searching for that which would set me apart and make me whole, I decided to just create my own identity. Instead of finding home, I decided to build a house made of sticks in the middle of the road. Well, I ended up building an castle out of that house, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m living on a weak foundation. That’s why I have to leave this stick home before it collapses on me. That’s why I can’t continue with this blog anymore.

Here’s what’s going to happen: I’m going to take a break from writing. I’m going to spend some time to search for some solid ground to live on. When I finally find that place, I’ll start again. I’ll rebuild my home and who knows, maybe in a few months, maybe a few years, you’ll find me again, still very much the same anime blogger you love/hate/are indifferent to.

I’m going to keep this blog up in display for as long as I can, and if Photobucket isn’t going to be an ass, the images I have up here will stick too. The Facebook page and all the other linked sites will probably be gone though. Honestly, quitting Sunny Side Anime Blog has been a bitter pill to swallow, but hopefully, it was the right medicine to keep me alive.

I know some of you are probably annoyed by all the metaphors I threw around there and you probably want a concrete answer as to why I’m quitting, but hey, this beat-around-the-bush, chock full of metaphors and euphemism style is what I’ve developed through writing for this blog. I guess this post will serve as the last of its legacy. Another thing I’ve developed from writing from this blog is a terrible sense for ending my posts.

2 thoughts on “Well, Goodbye WordPress, Goodbye Sunny Side Anime Blog.

  1. Quizoxy

    It’s always sad to see bloggers around making a departure but I will always remember those good times we had and hopefully it will be a wonderful trip for you and we’ll all be back here waiting for your possible return!


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