About Sunny Side!

Sunny Side Anime Blog started out like how most blogs started out. It was man’s voice on the internet. It was where I just let out my thoughts on anime and other related stuff. For more than a year, SSAB was a dusty stage with a single actor on it: me. For more than a year, I’ve been writing on my thoughts on certain anime series, reviewing anime figures, and sharing my photos from conventions. After some time though, I realized that what I do doesn’t matter to anyone if it doesn’t reach them. At the same time, I figured out that what I put up here doesn’t always have to be about me. Because really, who cares about me? There’s a huge, wonderful, anime-loving world out there with a lot of things for me to discover.

With that in mind, Sunny Side Anime Blog’s initiative has become to  explore the culture of anime and its community of artists, musicians, photographers, cosplayers and fans. While I continue to write about my thoughts on anime, I go out to look for anything interesting and share it on this blog. At the same time, through the Sunny Side Anime Blog Facebook page, I’m opening myself up to others so they can share what they like with me, and in turn, I can share it with others. The theme of this blog is exchange. It’s all about sharing interesting ideas, finding great works and promoting them, and listening and talking to others who share common interests.

If you’re interested in anime and in joining me in this culture of discovery and exchange, you’re free to contact me via the Sunny Side Anime Blog Facebook page. If not, you could always leave a comment below on what you have in mind.

3 thoughts on “About Sunny Side!

  1. agr0n

    I just found this blog and I’m loving your opinions on the current anime which I happen to be watching myself 🙂

    I wish you would of done a review on Black Rock Shooter and Ergo Proxy though cause those animes really made you think I mean if I watch more than 2 episodes at a time I get a headache lolz.


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