Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! 5 – The Stair Climb of Triumph

Every cliche sports story needs one of these.


Sakura has been training under Misaki to get stronger.

Meanwhile, Elena has been promoted to center vocalist of Sweet Diva.

Sakura has also learned to counter moves better.

Sakura has a match with a cheating heel.

Sakura manages to counter but her opponent kicks out.

Sakura loses another match after getting hit with a…suplex.

At the very least, more of Sakura’s fans have been returning to cheer for her.

Sakura is informed by her promotion’s manager that she’ll be facing Rio in her next match.

Misaki tells Sakura that she needs a finishing move, something that she’ll have to learn herself.

Sakura’s search for a finisher leads her to a park at night.

There, she runs into Elena and they catch up.

Elena shows that dancing can lighten up any kind of mood.

Sakura finally realizes something important after dancing.

Rio is informed during an interview that Sakura has some secret special surprise for her come their match.

The Sweet Diva members decide to attend Sakura’s match and cheer her on together.

Finally, the rematch of a lifetime (forget Rock vs Cena II ever happened) is about to take place.


I guess the most relevant thing coming out of this episode was that is was cheesy as a f**k. I didn’t really expect anything more though, this is wrestling after all, the manly man’s soap opera. Anyway, why was it so cheesy? Well, there’s the training montage and the fake Rocky music to go with it. There’s the chance encounter in the park and the big realization after doing something totally irrelevant to one’s sport (I feel like I’ve seen something like this before, I just forgot where). Sakura continues to lose and I continue to not really care except for wanting her to finally win. Then there’s the cheesiest of cheese, Sakura is told to find herself a finisher. I know that this show wants us to eat on the kayfabe with the overly good good guys and the overly bad bad guys but searching for a finisher, really? Kayfabe is one thing but logic is another. I mean, how is a certain move supposedly stronger just because you call it a finisher? This has always been one of the least believable parts of wrestling (John Cena, billed as one of the greatest wrestlers ever, hits the Fisherman Suplex all the time but never gets a pin out of it and yet Curtis Axel, some scrub, uses the same move to get wins). I really wish there was a better way to handle this but there’s no use calling stupid by any other word. Anyway, I have a good feeling about the next episode. The odds are clearly against Sakura, but wrestling logic dictates that she’ll win. God, I hope I’m right. I don’t want to sit through a bajillion more losses.

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2 thoughts on “Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! 5 – The Stair Climb of Triumph

  1. Exiled28

    It’s cheesy, kayfabe and so on, but you got to admit that winning with a special move is better than winning with a regular suplex or boston crab, it adds more thrill to this anime and wrestling in general 😀


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