Kill la Kill 5 – Radical Nudists

And now some man-ass to balance Satsuki’s ass.


Some Mad Max wannabe named Tsumugu is trying to kill Ryuko for some reason.

He’s attacked by the gardening club but he makes quick work of them.

Meanwhile, Ryuko has beein going around from club to club kicking ass.

Mako finds it amusing that Ryuko talks to her clothes.

Suddenly, Mako is attacked by acupuncture.

Tsumugu pins Ryuko down and gives her two options: strip or die.

Apparently, Tsumugu and Aikuro are both part of an organization called Nudist Beach but the two have opposing missions that both involve Ryuko.

The student council catch wind of their intruder and send non-athletics club committee head Inumuta after him.

Ryuko sends Mako ahead to school as she decides to face Tsumugu one-on-one.

The two duke it out on school grounds.

The non athletics clubs try to interfere but get squashed.

Tsumugu corners Ryuko in the bathroom and tells her to strip once again.

He tells Ryuko about a woman he used to know who fell victim to wearing clothes.

Tsumugu is about to fire when Senketsu casts off of Ryuko and takes the bullet-needle-thingy.

Mako appears to stop Tsumugu and tell him that Senketsu is her Ryuko’s only friend so he shouldn’t kill it.

Mako yanks Senketsu off the floor and hands it to Ryuko.

Senketsu goes face to face with Tsumugu.

Inumuta crashes the party just as Tsumugu retreats.

Ryuko wakes up at Aikuro’s place all safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Aikuro parts with Tsumugu as he hits the road.


Huh. The music at the start sure made me feel like I was watching a Borderlands animation. Tsumugu was quite a different  character compared to the rest of the crew, unlike the others, he’s not a boisterous, loud and insane nutjob. The whackiest thing about him is his sewing themed weapons but that doesn’t go so far. I was worried he would dampen the mood of the show where everyone is probably doing 10 different kinds of cocaine at once. Nope. Tsumugu was quiet, serious and yet just as badass as everyone else. Now, a bunch of sewing needles doesn’t sound like it would make good action, and that’s partly correct. The fight scene here was nowhere near as good as with Ryuko vs Satsuki but I still liked it, there’s Tsumugu using his rocket launcher via remote control which looked genius and there’s Inumuta and the school band enhancing the scene with some orchestral music. It was a different experience from this regular show’s kind of action but it was still fun to watch. I don’t really have a lot of complaints here aside from how I don’t really care much about Tsumugu aside from his awesome look, but hey, he’s a new character who opened up a lot of mysteries for this show to get into. Now not only is there a draconian student council, but apparently an terrorist nudist colony as well? This show and it’s addiction to clothes (or the lack of it) never fails to amaze me.

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