Tokyo Ravens 4 – Is That…Professor Sycamore?!

(Insert joke about Kon being Harutora’s starter Pokemon here)


First day of school for Harutora and Touji and they’re already sent to the principal’s office.

She asks them what they think of Tsuchimikado Yakou. Touji says he can’t properly define him given both the good and bad things that he caused.

The principal shares how she knew Yakou when she was a child.

Haru and Touji’s homeroom teacher arrives to show them to their classroom.

Harutora and Touji introduce themselves to the rest of the class.

One girl complains that these guys only got to enroll mid semester because of the Tsuchimikado name but Natsume argues that it has nothing to do with her clan.

After classes, Harutora wonders why Natsume and Touji seem so familiar with each other.

Makoto from that gay swimming anime Some guy calls Natsume for special lessons.

Harutora and Touji ask a classmate named Tenma about the girl from before. She’s Kyouko Kurahashi, child of a powerful Shaman clan that includes the principal of the school.

Natsume leaves Harutora with a list of books he should study to catch up with the lessons.

Later that night, Harutora meets his familiar, Kon.

Kon shows him all the powers she can do, which includes turning yandere on the spot.

Harutora gets amused by Kon’s fluffy fox tail.

Kon shows Harutora how she moves her tail when Natsume walks in…

Sometime, somewhere, some guy is doing something…

During class, Kyouko complains that Harutora can’t keep up with the lessons.

Kon almost attacks Kyouko but Harutora stops him.

Kyouko summoned her own familiars to defend herself.

Since both students have their familiars out, the teacher decides that it would be a good idea to settle this with a battle between familiars.

Since he’s technically Natsume’s familiar (and the fact that it would have been a 2-on-1 fight otherwise), Harutora gets to fight beside Kon.


Pretty much the weakest episode so far, but that’s not saying it’s bad. Well, it was mostly boring with zero action but it was saved by the introduction of multiple characters especially Kon. I guess it helped that Kon’s debut was being hyped up with previous episodes but I really enjoyed her segment for some reason. Maybe it’s the utter stupidity of it all, maybe I’m a pedophile, maybe I’m into bestiality, maybe both…Hmm…NAH…Kon, like Natsume was a good mix of cute and funny as the bumbling servant role. Natsume walking in on Kon baring her little butt to Harutora was a classic comedy skit as well. The other characters’ introductions weren’t so memorable though. I can’t for the life of me know whether I should care about the principal, the teacher or the other guy, both latters may as well be the mysterious evil hand we saw for a while but the principal played Go with Tsuchimikado Yakou, big whoop. Kyouko, I only remember for her large chest more than anything else and Tenma only because I saw his name on the Wikipedia page and wondered why an extra gets a character description, then I rewatched the opening sequence and everything made sense. So there, not a really productive episode, good for a couple laughs but everything else could have and should have been better.

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