Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! 4 – Dammit Cena.

I actually liked Del Rio as Heavyweight Champion. Header image unrelated.


Kanae the journalist checks in on Misaki and finds her training with Sakura.

Sakura finally musters the strength to get up from a Boston Crab.

Misaki switches to a One-legged Boston Crab which focuses the pressure on one area. She tells Sakura that she needs to worm her way out with her arms and her free leg.

Sakura manages to get to the ropes and hold it this time.

Misaki lets go and tells Sakura that a good pro wrestler should have the mental fortitude to match physical strength.

In the changing room, Kanae talks to Misaki about Sakura’s potential.

Meanwhile, the pressure of being Sweet Diva’s frontman is getting to Elena as she scolds one of her groupmates for making a mistake.

Elena loses herself and runs away from practice.

During Sakura’s latest match, she gets caught in the Boston Crab again. The fans boo at seeing the same old shit.

Sakura remembers what Misaki taught her and starts crawling to the ropes. The fans slowly start to get behind her and cheer her on.

Sakura makes it to the ropes and her opponent breaks the hold.

Her opponent hits her with a backbreaker and a suplex.

Sakura manages to break out her opponent’s pin attempts and stand up.

Sakura takes a powerbomb and is eventually pinned completely.

Despite another loss, Sakura’s fans cheer her on again for showing some fighting spirit.

Meanwhile, the Sweet Diva concert was a success.

Elena reconciles with the girl she scolded before.

Sakura asks Misaki if she could continue training her and Misaki accepts.


BOOBS. Seriously. This episode seemed to bare more skin than usual. I think Sakura’s singlet must have shrunk in the dryer or something. I mean, just look a this and tell how that getup is not prone to wardrobe malfunction. I mean, the fanservice wasn’t as noticeable last episode…Anyway, this was a decent episode, but still doesn’t match up to episode 2, which I consider the best episode so far. I think the difference between this loss and the one at episode two is the 49 losses between it. I’ve seen Sakura lose so many times (Heck, we’re spared from having to go through all 51 losses she has so far), that whatever lesson she learns from her lossens only matters so much to how much I want to see her get her first win. I thought it was going to happen in this episode. After she kicked out of two pins, I was thinking “Oh shit! Sakura’s finally going to go John Cena on her ass!” Nope. Another loss. It was heartbreaking even if Sakura did come out more invigorated to wrestle. Then there’s all the Sweet Diva drama which I honestly couldn’t care less about. Hey, I came (Ehehehehehehehe…) to this anime for the wrestling (and boobs) I don’t really care about all this idol drama stuff. I’d watch Idolm@ster or something for that. Anyway, okay episode, not as emotionally strong as the others. I WANT TO SEE SAKURA WIN DAMMIT. I’m ready to throw confetti into the air when that happens!

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