Kill la Kill 4 – Gamagoori Sleeps Nekkid

Quite possibly the most plot relevant piece of information coming out of this episode.


Ryuko has to go to school in her jammies because Mako’s mom is washing Senketsu.

That day is also the day when the disciplinary committee sets up traps along the way to school and expels anyone who’s caught late.

You know, the funds for this whole thing probably came from students’ tuition…

Mako points out that they have to pass through a total of 1000 checkpoints.

The two bump into Maiko, their classmate who joins them as they try to get through all the obstacles.

Mako’s dad tries to deliver Senketsu to Ryuko but gets distracted and fails.

Mako’s brother tries to deliver Senketsu but also gets distracted and fails.

Ryuko notices a bunch of students who have given up and have held mock classes outside of the school.

Ryuko and friends hijack a bus for 1 stars and use it to get to school quicker. Suddenly everyone in town is in possession of an assault rifle and they fire at the trio.

The group finally makes it to school.

The dog tries to deliver Senketsu but gets distracted and fails.

Maiko was evil all along.

Her plan was to steal Senketsu from Ryuko and use it to get to the top of the school and even get above Satsuki.

Mako does her thing again.

Because she is absolutely shameless, Maiko has no problem putting on Senketsu.

Maiko tries to attack them but she can’t move because Mako’s mom used too much starch and now Senketsu is stiff.

And sooo…

Mako panics because they’ve got…not so much time left.

Oh, but it turns out that the school Ryuko reached was actually a trap by Maiko.

Ryuko and Mako end up falling to the bottom level.

Luckily, they find a cable car that’ll take them to the school.

Meanwhile, Gamagoori beats the living crap out of Maiko for wanting to overthrow Satsuki.

Ryuko and Mako crash into their classrooms on time.


A fun episode, but one that doesn’t really add a lot to the plot. Also, it was pretty much a huge step down from the previous episode. Aside from being a throwaway filler episode, it also had very little action going for it. Not a lot to dissect in terms of symbolism either. I guess you can say that this episode shows the struggle of the working class caused by the elites? I guess? There’s really not much to say about this episode. It was insane, it barely made sense and it repeated the same joke over and over and over again. I guess what this episode accomplishes is that it shows just how easily 24 minutes can go by without anything really important happening. Hey, I’m not saying that episodes like these are bad. Hell, I quite liked this episode. I just hope this means that Trigger has the pacing of this show figured out and they won’t regret making episodes like these in exchange for ones that could further the plot. Wow, I really don’t have much more to say. This must be my shortest review so far.

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