Tokyo Ravens 3 – The Kanazawa Effect

None can resist the power of the Queen of Moe, Kana Hanazawa!


Harutora and Natsume get to the shrine where Suzuka is trying revive her brother.

Suzuka notices them and uses her juggernaut to make a barrier.

Harutora and Natsume are forced to land and fight Suzuka’s summons.

Harutora uses a sword with protective magic to defend themselves.

Harutora accidentally falls from the sky but is saved by Natsume’s familiar “Hokuto”.

Hokuto fights with one of Suzuka’s summons while Haru and Natsu deal with the one keeping the barrier up.

Using her own blood, Natsume awakens the power of Haru’s sword for attacking purposes.

Harutora pries the juggernaut open while Natsume shoots at its core.

Hokuto defeats the first summon and stops the second from chasing Harutora and Natsume as they make their way to Suzuka.

Suzuka puts them down as she completes the ritual.

Suzuka chants the incantation and imbues her brother’s body with spiritual energy.

A dark miasma descends from the sky and envelops both Suzuka and her brother.

Suzuka’s brother does get up from death, but the first thing he does is choke the life out of her.

Short flashback of Suzuka and her brother in their childhood. Her brother was a creep even back then.

Harutora is torn between saving Suzuka and letting that bitch who killed Hokuto die.

In the end, Harutora breaks free of the seals holding him down and severs Suzuka’s brother from the power giving him life.

Short flashback about Tsuchimikado Yakou.

Suzuka is saved, but can’t help mourn over her failure to bring back her brother.

Natsume checks Hokuto’s seal that Harutora kept. She assures Harutora that he’ll see her again someday.

The next day, everything is fine and Harutora tells Touji that he’s going Tokyo.

There, he meets Natsume who is forced to dress and act like a guy because of tradition.

Oh yeah, and Brouji tagged along because he’s a Spirit Seer too, which means he knows Natsume’s dirty little secret.

Harutora suddenly notices the familiar ribbon Natsume’s wearing.


An better episode than the previous in most aspects. First, there’s the glorious action which didn’t keep itself rooted tot he ground. I love dogfights especially when it’s between unconventional fighters like the one here. I know I complained about CG before, but they don’t look so bad when they’re in motion. Having awesome animation in like this in the third episode usually means either of two things: One, the animators know what they’re doing and we’re in for one hell of a ride or two, they just blew out the budget and all the action scenes following this won’t be as great. Hope it’s the former. The action here was final episode worthy for other anime of its kind *cough*RedDataGirl*cough*. The show didn’t get too technical either, there were some fancy shmancy terms thrown around but nothing that the show too long to explain. Something I also want to praise here is the acting. I know I’ve said multiple times that Kana Hanazawa’s talents are waaay overused these days but she does a legitimately great job as Natsume. I think what works here is that her work as Natsume hits the perfect balance between being the cute, awkward girl Kanazawa always plays and being an actual character. Compare Natsume to Manaka from Nagi no Asukara who can’t do anything more than scream, pout, cry, squeal and whine. Natsume does that a lot too, but at least she also acts serious when its important. Then there’s Suzuka. On her part, there was enough crazy in her to justify Harutora and Natsume having to stop her, and at the same time, enough sadness so that I actually sympathized for her when she couldn’t bring her brother back. It’s not like I went “WOOHOO! Take that bitch! That’s what you get for killing Hokuto! YEAH!” No, I felt a bit sorry for her. Oh, but the lame flashback did nothing for that. It wasn’t as good as Suzuka actually revealing her past while disturbing images flashed on screen like last episode. This one just seemed to cut to momentum oft he action. I don’t really have a lot to complain about, maybe Hurrtora being a little dense when it comes to *SPOILERS ABOUT HOKUTO AND NATSUME*. I do hope him looking at Natsume’s ribbon means he’s got things figured out and that it’s not just him admiring Natsume’s gorgeous hair.

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