Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! 3 – Y2Jeez, Not another Boston Crab.

Apparently in this version of Japan, everyone was trained by Chris Jericho.


Sakura suffers her 10th loss since becoming a pro wrestler.

Because of this, her fanbase is slowly starting to dwindle.

Sakura is called be at ringside during one of Misaki’s matches. She notices how collected Misaki always looks despite how hard her opponents are hitting her.

Sakura and another wrestler save Misaki from interference. Misaki manages to hit her finisher on her opponent and win by pinfall.

While Sakura goes on to have a record-breaking 50 match losing streak, Sweet Diva has been continuing with their success. It gets to the point where people actually throw trash at the ring after Sakura’s matches.

Her losing streak gets her down so much, she considers leaving pro wrestling and returning to Sweet Diva, but she knows that’s not going to happen with her poor reputation now.

As Sakura’s about to hand over her letter of resignation, she runs into Misaki, who asks her to help her train for her next match.

Misaki far outclasses Sakura in terms of strength.

Sakura’s technique is no match for her either.

Misaki proceeds to lock Sakura in several submission holds.

Misaki eventually locks Sakura in the…You probably guessed it…Boston Crab.

Sakura taps out but Misaki tells her that there’s not tapping out in training so she either has to find a way out, or endure it for as long as Misaki holds it.


Pretty poor episode honestly and its mainly due to one reason: Boston Crab. Maybe the show really wants to push it as an important plot device but it’s used waaaaay too much. It gets boring seeing the same scene over and over and over and over and over again. A 50 match losing streak is pretty hard to believe, but for every one of those losses to be from tapping to a Boston Crab is harder to take in than the Los Matadores gimmicks. She could, you know lose to something else? There are at least a 1004 other submission holds (according to Chris Jericho) for people to put Sakura in. Sure, by the 20th time Sakura taps out to the Boston Crab, others would have figured that that’s all they need to doto beat her, but for entertainment purposes the story really should have gone the other way. I’m sure there’s a really big payoff to all this dispair (I’d know, I took a sneak peek at the original manga) but with all the crap the writers have put Sakura through, I’m expecting a really big, emotional win after a long and grueling match. That’s another thing too. This episode didn’t bother showing Sakura’s matches. All they’d do is show the last one or two moves before her opponent puts her in the Boston Crab. I guess if the writers’ goal was to make us feel as irritated about Sakura’s losses as the actual audience’s than they did their job. Still, I want that awesome arc ending and it better come soon!

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3 thoughts on “Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! 3 – Y2Jeez, Not another Boston Crab.

  1. Archer IV

    Thanks god…I thought i was the only one who got irritated with the overdose of Boston Crabs in this Episode…It seems that Chris Jericho forgot the other 1003 holds to teach the wrestlers

    1. DynamoCrimson

      I for one felt irritated myself, but also discouraged that no matter how Sakura tries, she can’t seem to succeed. It honestly made me feel bad for her.

      I then was intrigued when Misaki offered her assistance in a new kind of training. Perhaps this is to break the one “gimmick” that always brings Sakura down and it might just help her pull off a win this time.

  2. DynamoCrimson

    If you ask me, Sakura is already becoming the underdog. I might sound crazy, but seeing the first three episodes got me to think that this show is giving us ups and downs and I feel that is how an underdog story works though not many of us are used to them. After seeing the preview of episode 4, I have a feeling that Sakura may pull off an upset.


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