Kill la Kill 3 – I Am Liking This New Sexual Kamina

He certainly contains more masculinity in one cell in his body than the entire cast of Free!


The Kiryuin family also has a Kamui in their hands but Satsuki isn’t old enough to wear it yet.

Meanwhile, Ryuko is very suspicious of her teacher.

She finds a not from Aikuro telling her to meet him where they first met before.

He explains that the uniforms have things called Life Fibers. The Goku uniforms only contain small fractions of Life Fiber while Ryuko’s Senketsu is made of 100% Life Fiber.

Meanwhile, the student council is trying to come up with a 5-star uniform with 50% Life Fiber.

The experiment goes wrong and they’re forced to kill their own test subject.

Satsuki is at her family’s place. Looking to take her Kamui.

Despite much opposition from others, Satsuki puts on the Junketsu, because no one can be more badass than her.

Just like with Ryuko, the Junketsu envelops her and becomes her armor.

Back at Mako’s place, they notice that the Senketsu is feeling rough.

Ryuko arrives at school only to be challenged by Satsuki first thing in the morning.

Satsuki reveals the true power of her Junketsu.

Ryuko fights with Senketsu but Satsuki outmatches her.

Senketsu tells Ryuko that they’re losing because she’s not wearing him properly.

Satsuki is about to defeat Ryuko when Mako intervenes. She tells Satsuki that Ryuko has a better body and should be naked and proud.

Satsuki strikes but Ryuko manages to stop her.

Mako’s little speech on nakedness become a revelation to Ryuko. She gets naked…by becoming one with Senketsu…So since Senketsu is now part of her body, she’s no longer wearing clothes…Technically.

Shedding off her embarrassment, Ryuko is able to fight on equal terms with Satsuki.

The fight ends in a stalemate. Satsuki challenges Ryuko to go through the entire school before fighting her again, to which Ryuko accepts.


I was kind of worried that this episode would be like the previous with a rather boring first half and a disappointing fight scene with some scrub in the second. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. This episode was awesome. It had less social commentary and focused more on the plot of the show. We get to learn more about the Kiryuin family as well as Ryuko’s dad and how Aikuro is involved. By the way, Aikuro is perhaps the best mentor type character I’ve seen in a while. I can’t think of many other characters as fabulous as him. Then there’s Satsuki who leveled up in badassery and it’s only the third episode! She didn’t really need to, but she did. I don’t know why, but even if Satsuki is supposed to be the antagonist, I actually like her. I love how dominant she looks whenever she’s posing atop the school while shouting with her booming voice. People tend to look up to powerful people. People also hate people who do undesirable things. I think with Satsuki, her power is definitely something to be at awe at yet she hasn’t really done anything to make us hate her. She never really gets her hands dirty and has other people do the dirty work for her. She only fights when its Ryuko and she always does it on equal terms with her. She criticizes Ryuko but her criticisms were all truth. She has mastered her Kamui and Ryuko has not. How she actually challenges Ryuko to defeat the school so they may fight a better fight the next time actually sounds honorable…Except for the getting the school massacred part. So there, Satsuki isn’t much of a villain because she hasn’t really done anything villainous yet. She’s more of a rival that challenges our hero than an actual villain. That or the show is too over-the-top for me to actually hate anybody. That’s something for the show to work on. One thing about Satsuki though is that she really lives the final boss gimmick. She has to be the most powerful thing alive and even the slightest of motion from her blade seems to just blow half the school away. Literally.

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