Fall 2013 Anime Episode 2 Reviews

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Coppelion 2:

You’ve probably heard the comparisons, but if you haven’t, I don’t mind saying it. Coppelion, in a lot of ways, is quite like the PS3 game The Last of Us. I don’t necessarily disagree. Both shows are set in a post-apocalyptic world where there are only a handful of survivors. Both are survival dramas that touch on fragility of humanity during these crises and a person’s will to live or lack of it. However, Coppelion seems to push the drama more with characters overreacting at times or saying more than they really need to (the aunt in this episode is probably the #1 offender). This just reinforces my beliefs that the Japanese have less of a grasp on subtlety than Americans when it comes to drama and tragedy. What was good about this episode is its use of imagery and symbolism. I love how the girls are frequently compared to dolls with how they were artificially created and at times, they just can’t see themselves as human. The whole doll theme carries all the way down to the title of this anime itself, which the episode explains. After this episode, a lot things started to make sense. I got a more vivid picture of the world they live in, which is quite impressive for just the second episode.

Strike the Blood 2:

So far so good. All of the action was pushed to the latter 1/3rd of the episode but everything was kept interesting with the dialogue between characters. The characters act quite naturally with each other. It doesn’t bother Koujo so much that he’s spending most of his time with Yukina who just attached herself to him. He just went with it knowing there’s really not much he can do. A lot of new characters were introduced in this episode such as Koujo’s goth loli teacher and his sister who goes to the same school as Yukina. Yukina, on the other hand, spends most of the episode enjoying senpai’s company as she goes out to see the city and learn about regular urban life along the way. She’s one of those characters whose charm lies in her genuine curiosity for everyday things and it feels very natural because it fits with her backstory unlike, say, Manaka from Nagi no Asukara who is fragile little flower just because. I do like how Koujo is such a bro. “You wanna go shopping but you have to stick to me at all times? I’ll go shopping with you then.” Not to mention him crashing Yukino’s fight with a big bad European guy to protect her. His powers awaken just as the show comes to an end, so we’re getting a cliffhanger ending this time. Hey, I like how they teased his inner power in the beginning but aren’t holding it back for too long. We get to see what Koujo’s capable of by the 3rd episode. The writers are definitely not wasting any time here.

Nagi no Asukara 2:

So, racism might not actually be a big deal after all. I mean, everyone seems fine with each other save for the brats who hate the sea people and Hikari who hates land people. I won’t count those guys who were trying to punish Hikari’s sister Akari. It felt more like hey did what they did to uphold tradition over a collective hatred for land people. That might be another thing that would come into play in this anime. While the land people are slowly forgetting the traditions of the sea, the sea people are doing their darnedest to keep it alive. The drawback is that these traditions seem to impede them in trying to coexist with the land people. They’re basically stuck in tradition and I think what Kaname said about longing for other places making things harder and Manaka taking the first the steps outside of her comfort zone fits well with this. Now on to Hikari, our oh so lovable protagonist (that was sarcasm by the way). His friends know he has anger issues, he knows he has anger issues. Great. Now do something about it. Stop shouting at every little thing, Hikari. Cripes, this is one of the things I hate dealing with in adolescent drama, the angst. Every time he shouts, I feel my desire for Tsumugu to NTR Manaka (with her consent) in front of Hikari grow even stronger. Why, P.A. Works? Why do you have to make the central character such a hateable asshat that I actually wish ill fortune on him?!

Walkure Romanze 2:

I think my decision to put Walkure Romanze and Sekatsuyo (the wrestling anime) on the same day might prove interesting. Both are pretty much the most fanservicey anime I have on my watch list right now and both deal with a sport that isn’t so often used in Ecchi. Walkure Romanze does have an edge in production value though, even with its use of terrible light effects. This week’s episode proves, though, that looking good can only get you so far. After watching both shows, I can safely say that I enjoyed Sekatsuyo more. Lemme explain. Sekatsuyo’s fanservice mixes in with the storytelling. This is pretty natural to wrestling since more often than not, wrestlers are expected to do skits and fight in little more than trunks, knee pads, and boots. So yes, the lack of clothing comes natural to Sekatsuyo. Because of that, it doesn’t really have to go too far to try to have sexy scenes. On the other hand, Walkure Romanze feels like its show is divided into segments. There’ll be times where it’s for storytelling, times for comedy, and times for fanservice. Because of that, the episode feels disjointed, unlike with Sekatsuyo’s episode where progression was clear. Also, Walkure Romanze has a lot of juvenile sex jokes. I’ll admit, while I did laugh, I have to say that it makes it harder to take this show seriously, keyword: harder. It’s hard to take this show seriously already. Then you add sex jokes. Still, it was another entertaining episode. Remember: Don’t take this show too seriously. Also, I just discovered that 2nd Most British Girl is also the Pantsless Knight. That instantly makes her my favorite character in this anime.

Arpeggio 2:

This week, I-401 Iona faces off with Takao in another awesome battle. Action was consistent throughout the whole episode and Gunzou shows how badass of a captain he is. You know, there’s something awesome about people coming up and executing strategies during a battle, even if you’re an absolute noob with naval combat like I am and you don’t have a clue as to what they’re saying. Not much to complain about here. Animation was as sharp and consistent as the first episode, not that I expected a full 3DCG anime to have quality drops in animation. Much less in the second episode. Okay my one complaint is that the show opens up with the two ships mid combat and I’m just here wondering how this whole thing started. If I remember correctly, the first episode just ended with Takao posing on top of her own ship while talking with 2 other girls. I don’t think she was shown coming into contact with I-401. In terms of entertainment value, yeah, this was a blast. However, I’m a little confused as to where this episode fits in the storyline.

Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta 2:

Meh. The first half was a boring slice-of-lifey story with the most interesting scene being the one with Kotoha getting her breasts fondled. You know you’re off to a bad start when you have to molest a schoolgirl to be interesting. A lot of the characters actions in the first half would have you going “huh?” but this was probably planned by the writers. See, the second half of the episode is almost exactly like the first but told from a different perspective to include the show’s own mythology in it. While the first half almost had nothing to do with demons or fighting, the second half had it in good servings. I also want to point out how quickly the mood changes sometimes. From a friendly sparring match between Hima and Kotoha to a sudden change into a more horrifying scene with a world painted red and distorted noise as music. Then back to normal again. Can’t say it was either a good or bad thing yet. I’ll have to see Yozakura do more scenes like that and see how they handle it. So, did dividing the episode into two sides of the same coin work? Nope. I only really enjoyed the second half and the first half would have went nowhere without the second. For a similar storytelling gimmick, go see Persona 4: The Animation episodes 13 and 14. Same style of telling the same story twice from two different perspectives but individually, they were good episodes and they became even better when put together. Not so much here though.

Galilei Donna 2:

Yup, my worst fears for this show have come true. This isn’t about the three sisters, descendants of Galilei, this is about that one loli which you absolutely have to love because she’s so “moe”. Oh yeah, she has two sisters. You can like them too I guess BUT CARE FOR OUR LOLI DAMMIT. And so, because of Hozuki hogging the spotlight and being the only character that actually does something, I respond in rebellion by joining Team Hazuki, member count: 1. Seriously, the distribution of talents is whack. Hozuki gets to be the genius child inventor, Kazuki kicks balls and flips fat people, Hazoki…threatens to sue people. Yeah that’ll get you out of a life threatening situation </sarcasm>. There are quite a lot of plot holes here the biggest one being how nobody ever sees these giant flying mecha fishes. You’d think that if the police force was so hellbent on capturing Hozuki, someone would report the floating goldfish hovering above the city, making it’s way to the police department. How does nobody see that?! Then there’s evil Phoenix Wright pulling an RPG out of nowhere. Hey, if you had stuff like that around, maybe you guys would have taken out the giant metal goldfish parked outside the building, no? Before that though, there was the scene with the entire police force firing at Hozuki’s Ironman suit. NOBODY TOOK COVER. AT ALL. Is the Italian police force this stupid in real life?

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