Kill la Kill 2 – Punching Bag Best Friend

I know they’re tennis balls but have you ever been hit in the face with a tennis ball at full speed?! Also, this GIF goes veeery well with Nyan Cat for some reason.


Ryuko runs away because her suit is losing power.

She falls unconscious in the tram wand wakes up to a fat guy on top of her. Naturally, she punches the guy in the face.

That guy turns out to be Mako’s dad.

It was actually Mataro’s gang of brats that actually brought Ryuko to Mako’s home. Ryuko meets the rest of the family at dinner and spends the night at their place

Exposition about the Goku uniforms…

Satsuki assigns the tennis club to go after Ryuko next.

Flashback to when Ryuko first discovers that Senketsu (her uniform) was probably made by her dad.

On the way to school, Mako explains that a person’s uniform class in school, also dictates her social class and vice versa.

Ryuko and Mako are confronted by the tennis team for Mako not attending club the day when she was held hostage.

Ryuko tries to get into fight mode but Senketsu won’t respond to her.

Ryuko finds her self getting knocked out into the sewers and into the lair of her teacher Aikuro. Aikuro shows her that Senketsu is powered by her blood.


Aikuro gives Ryuko a glove that will making drawing blood easier (Huh. Eren Jaeger could have done well with one of those).

Meanwhile, Mako is being used as target practice.

Ryuko and her skimpy costume returns to save Mako.

Ryuko easily takes care of the tennis grunts with her powers.

Sanageyama of the sports committee calls foul play, Since Ryuko’s in a tennis court, she plays by tennis rules.

Apparently, Mako has Wolverine’s regeneration ability because she’s perfectly fine now and is defending Ryuko in the name of friendship.

And so Ryuko and Hakodate settle their fight in a game of tennis. Which Ryuko sucks at.

Ryuko decides to improvise and make a racket out of her scissor blade.

Sanageyama and Hakodate are about to complain when Satsuki appears and tells them to continue the game.

Ryuko defeats Hakodate with her scissor blade easily.

Satsuki comes down and fights Ryuko to show her the clear difference in their power levels. Note that Satsuki isn’t even wearing a Goku uniform…So does that mean the student council president is violating the dress code herself?


Now this episode was a major step down in terms of action but that’s to be expected since most anime usually spend a bajillion yen to make make their first episodes look good to leave a good first impression on its viewers. Even though there wasn’t as much cool fighting in this than there was in the first, this episode is by no means inferior to the first. What it lacked in action (it still had a fair bit of that, by the way), it made up for with more senseless and fun comedy and more focus on the story and the world it takes place in. My guesses are growing more and more correct it seems. This show likes to talk about social hierarchies and maybe its just me, but I’d like to think that what Mako said about one’s position in school reflecting one’s position in society is an important message the show wants us to know. I can’t say that it’s entirely true though since I had some really dumbass classmates back in high school and they’re doing great in life just because they’ve got rich parents. Those classmates of mine probably never have to work a day in their lives. Moving on, we get to know more about the world and the characters. I could’ve guessed that Mako comes from a poor family what with her brother being a delinquent and all. Ryuko’s dad being a scientist was kind of surprising but it was a theory many people had from day 1. There’s still not a lot about Satsuki and the Goku uniforms that’s been shown so far. We know that they’re there to keep the other students in check but we don’t really know why the school uses these totalitarian methods instead of something else. Hey, Gurren Lagann seemed to be a mindless anime about humans beating up beast people who took over the surface world but that was all explained by the end of the series. It’s still episode 2 for Kill la Kill, it’s got a lot of questions to answer but it’s also got a lot of time to answer them. I’m sure the show will be able to explain itself given that it’s going for two seasons worth of anime. Or at least it should be able to explain itself.

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