Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! 1 – I Skipped a WWE Pay-Per-View for This

Also, that string bikini is definitely NOT proper wrestling attire.


The show starts in medias res with our main character Sakura being put in several compromising submission holds.

Going back, Sakura just won an idol competition to be at the center of her idol group for the fourth time.

Her group mates celebrate with a congratulatory breast grope in the showers.

Their manager Makoto holds a meeting to get someone from them to appear at a wrestling event. Sakura and her rival Elina step up.

In the gym, Elina pisses off one of the wrestlers Rio with her antics.

Elina gets into the ring with her but is easily defeated after a botched dropkick.

Outside of the gym, former idol turned wrestler Misaki is having a conversation with a journalist.

Sakura challenges Rio to a hair versus hair stipulation match (albeit unknowingly) to defend the honor of idols everywhere. Her bold challenge gets caught on camera.

News of Sakura’s coming wrestling debut circulates everywhere and becomes big news.

Cue the cheesy training montage.

Finally, the day of their match comes.

Sakura gets the early advantage with a suplex and kicks to Rio on the corner.

Rio counters with a knee to the gut, a headbutt, and a big scoop powerslam to put Sakura down.

Rio then puts her in a Boston Crab, A Camel Clutch, and some sort of Surfboard Stretch variation.

Rio puts Sakura in her signature hold, the Shame Hold. Sakura is left with her legs wide open for the world to see.

Rio ends the match with a sleeper hold that knocks Sakura unconscious.

Sakura wakes up with Elina and the other idols by her side. Despite their objections, Sakura goes along with the “loser loses her hair” stipulations.

Sakura then challenges Rio to a rematch at Wreslemania.

And of course an anime with an idol group in it is going yo have some tacky J-pop idol ending theme.


BOOBS. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I’m sure you’re reading this and currently thinking: “Writer-san, why?! There are so many better anime to watch this season and you pick this fanservice crap. What are you thinki”-IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT I THINK! Wait. What? Here’s the real deal: I love wrestling. It’s probably my third biggest interest behind gaming and anime. I’m sure some of you are able to tell with how I’m throwing jargon around to a point where it almost feels like I’m bragging about my wrestling know-how. Anyway, a show like this, an anime about wrestling (and BOOBS), that’s a double whammy right there. I don’t care if this is being worked on by ARMS, infamous for making every Ecchi anime ever. I love anime. I love wrestling. I’m going to love this show. I know, ARMS is prone to terrible writing but hey, it’s not like the WWE puts out deep and complex storylines either. WWE’s shows have always been dubbed “the man’s soap opera”, so if they get to be cheesy, over dramatic and demanding of A LOT of suspension of disbelief, then I think this show deserves a chance as well, but hey, I could see that the writers are at least trying to take this seriously to a certain point. You have your naive Face (wrestling term for the good guy), the jerk Heel (bad guy) throwing cheap insults that still affect the Face anyway. You’ve got hair versus hair matches, pay-per-views, and even rematch clauses! They’re really getting into the spirit of wrestling’s low standard albeit entertaining drama. But how’s the actual wrestling, you ask? Well, not at all like actual wrestling but I didn’t expect it to be. That’s right, from the very moment this anime was announced, I knew it was going to be heavy with overly skimpy outfits, submission holds that last longer than they should, and a lot of crotch shots and BOOBS. Sure, the overuse of submission holds kills the wrestling mood and becomes a poorly hidden excuse for the animators to be lazy but the show does show off a few wrestling moves. You’ve got dropkicks, suplexes, powerslams…The next episode preview even shows some Back and German suplexes and an armlock takedown. AND MY ZOD, IS THAT A “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” ADVISORY AT THE END? I am marking out so much right now. This anime is more legit than I thought it would be. Woo! I’m losing my composure. I’m going to ask for your forgiveness now: I’m going to be the biggest Mark (wrestling fan) whenever I’m going to be blogging about this show. Please put up with me.

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3 thoughts on “Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! 1 – I Skipped a WWE Pay-Per-View for This

  1. agr0n

    Great review although I won’t be watching this cause I already have over 20 different anime I’m watching, plus Freezing Vibration has better fan-service :p

    Even thought I’m saying this I’ll probably follow your posts on this series 😉


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