Kill la Kill 1 – Because Apples Are for Pussies

Only a true badass can so casually eat a lemon as a snack!


Kill la Kill starts with the discipline officer Gamagoori fighting with a delinquent using a lower class Goku uniform.

Gamagoori and his 3-star uniform easily overpowers and subdues the delinquent.

Our main character, Ryuko has arrived at Honnouji Academy!

On her way to school, she gets ambushed by a kid named Mataro and his gang who stole her lemon.

Ryuko takes down Mataro’s grunts and they instantly bow to her.

Mataro’s sister Mako tackles him, puts him in several submission holds, and orders him to go to school while she’s running late for school herself.

Mako and Ryuko end up becoming classmates.

Ryuko asks Mako about the strongest person in the school. By coincidence, the student council president Satsuki passes by. While everyone bows before her, Ryuko raises her blade and demands that Satsuki tell her what she knows about the other wielder of the scissor blade.

The captain of the boxing team Fukuroda gets into a fight with Ryuko to protect Satsuki.

Fukuroda and his 2-star uniform is too much for Ryuko and she’s forced to retreat.

The student council runs a background check on Ryuko. Something about Ryuko catches Satsuki’s interests.

Ryuko visits her old home but then falls into a trap hole.

Underground, a school uniform forces itself on her. That’s right, it doesn’t take soviet Russia to get clothes to strip you!

The student council holds Mako hostage above a tub of oil and some Tempura breading to get Ryuko to show herself.

Ryuko appears out of nowhere and saves Mako.

A punch from Fukuroda reveals Ryuko’s skimpy new attire.

Fukuroda reveals the spiked gloves he was wearing under his boxing gloves.

He attacks Ryuko again but she’s protected by her new uniform.

Ryuko easily defeats Fukuroda with her new found powers.

Ryuko picks up a microphone and calls out Satsuki.


This was definitely quite the first impression. I knew Kill la Kill was going to be over-the-top like Gurren Lagann but Trigger really went all out with this episode. Everything was so exaggerated and overdone that it becomes the charm of this show. I think with Kill la Kill, I’m going to have to throw a good chunk of logic out the window in order to really enjoy it but hey, at least Kill la Kill makes it really obvious that this isn’t planning to be subtle at all. Everything from how wide the characters’ mouths get when they yell (which happens a lot with shows like these) to how big, bold text just gets stamped on the screen whenever a new character is introduced, all of this really comes off as the style of the geniuses who made Gurren Lagann. I’m not even going to call it Gainax style, this show goes waaay beyond the usual Gainax action show. I’ve been watching Shikabane Hime for a while, it’s a decent Gainax show about undead girls with mean-looking weapons fighting undead monsters. It’s great violent fun, but it’s not “student-gets-tossed-across-the-school-yard-and-gets-stripped-in-midair-by-a-big-bulky-dude-who-looks-like-he’s-too-old-to-be-a-high-school-student” kind of violent fun. Really, it’s shows like these which remind why anime has a special place in my heart. I don’t think this sort of wild action can be believably recreated through live action or any other medium. Another thing that caught my interest were the many political themes in this seemingly mindless anime. The first words in the anime were literally part of a lecture on 1930’s socialism. There’s the whole thing with the Goku uniforms and how they divide the student body by how much power the uniform gives them. Then there’s Satsuki pretty much owning Honnouji Academy because she’s the daughter of a powerful family. Hopefully, the anime has more of these secretly awesome themes as it goes on. The main character, Ryuko is okay. Sure, I wasn’t expecting Kamina from the get-go and she certainly isn’t like Simon in the beginning of Gurren Lagann. She’s a chick. A tough chick. A tough chick looking for answers and using force to get them. The show already establishes that she’s not some invincible badass with how she got her ass handed to her in the start and how she doesn’t just brush off the embarrassment of having to wear that silly uniform. I like that. She knows that what she’s wearing is getting her perverted looks but she pulls herself together to put that aside so she can fight. It’s not like with some other characters who dress like fetish strippers and act totally oblivious to it *cough*Inori*cough*. Overall, it’s a strong start for Kill la Kill with the over-the-top action we were all looking forward to.

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One thought on “Kill la Kill 1 – Because Apples Are for Pussies

  1. Artemis

    After that opening episode, I have a hard time believing that any other new show of the autumn line-up could top it. It’s been years since I’ve seen a first anime episode that had such impact, not to mention pure funk. It’s not even my usual style, but I loved every minute of it!


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