Danganronpa 13 – Going Out in Style

This isn’t a pun on Junko being a super(duper)model either.


Junko shows them what the outside world currently looks like.

The group tries to see if Genocider could actually confirm what they’re seeing but she doesn’t remember anything important.

Junko reveals that they were all classmates and when they locked themselves up from the rest of the world, they ended up locking themselves with the twin Super Duper Despairs.

Junko gives the others a choice. Either they all choose despair and live the rest of their lives inside the school, or someone votes for hope and gets brutally executed.

And just because, it’s Naegi who will be executed.

Naegi tries to convince the others to vote for hope.

In the end, everyone votes for Junko to get executed.

The thought of going through the ultimate despair actually arouses Junko.

Because there’s something wrong in her head, Junko puts herself through all the previous executions.

So now the kids are free from despair and they finally get out of the school.



Here’s the thing with Danganronpa, it’s got a couple of flaws but it’s overall a decent show. Let’s start with the good. Danganronpa is adapted from a PSP game and it carries over the game’s style. In the anime itself, you’ll find things like pop-ups that would appear in the game and what this does for me is give Danganronpa a unique style among other anime. Add that to its already quirky character designs. Seriously, just look at them! A lot of them are established high school anime cliches and then taken up to 11! Mondo is your typical delinquent and Hifumi is every-Otaku-in-an-anime-ever and the rest of the cast is just as insane. Seeing all these exaggerated personalities in one room makes some really interesting and funny dynamics. The show being funny kind of goes against the whole “Super Duper death game of despair!” thing the plot’s got going on though, but this works brilliantly with the show’s theme of duality (which is represented by Monobear himself). In this same anime that can have you laughing your ass off at seeing a high school delinquent get into a sauna challenge with a super uptight prefect only for them to become the best of bros, this same anime will have you listen to that same goofy delinquent’s completely serious (and really cheesy) sob story about his past. This anime has seemingly innocent people taking the role of the killers while the only actual person known to be a killer within the group doesn’t even hurt a fly through out the entire anime. So does this duality work? Was I able to laugh and then take this show seriously in the same episodes? Well yes, I think what the show did right is that even while it was doing these comedic segments, it was still reminding you just how terrible the characters’ situations are. It’s like Monobear doing a knock knock joke and then whispering into your ear “Oh yeah. You’re still screwed, by the way.” What’s wrong with this anime then? Well, let’s start with something light. The music doesn’t match up to the show’s distinct style. In fact, I barely noticed the soundtrack. So while you may remember Hagakure and Junko and their big-ass hairstyles, you’ll probably forget how this show sounded like. The next big flaw to this anime is that at times, it can’t handle the diverseness of its own cast. You have all these different personalities but a select few (Naegi, Kyoko, Togami) are always more important than others and some characters only seemed to matter just when they needed to die. Biggest example of this is Hifumi. He was probably the least noticeable character had it not been for his unique shape but he only actually played a part when it was time for him to get hit in the head with a mallet. This whole thing with some characters being obviously more important than the others kind of ruins the mystery behind this show because you just know that certain people just won’t be killed *cough*Kyoko*cough*. Finally the biggest problem with Danganronpa is its pacing. It’s never easy for a studio to try to fit a game into a 13 episode anime. It becomes especially hard when that game is a mystery suspense game where every case is loaded with details. I feel like the anime had to gloss over some details so it could end on time. What happens here is that the show can’t afford to give the viewer enough time to play detective and try to figure things out on his/her own. What happens is that the show just flashes all the details before you and before you could make your own speculations, it throws you in to the class trial and you’re left to just sit and watch as Naegi and Kyoko eventually figure everything out, occasionally pulling evidence out of their asses which the show never bothered to show you because it knows you probably wouldn’t be able to figure things out given the insubstantial amount of details it gave you. That’s a major part of any good mystery story that just got removed. The part where you can think for yourself and make your own guesses. Danganronpa doesn’t give you that, which even simpler mystery shows like Scooby Doo could afford. The problem was with time constraints. I’m sure if Danganronpa was allowed to work with 24 episodes, then the mystery elements of this show would have been a lot more engaging. In the end, Danganronpa is a decent show. Might not be the most memorable but it does entertain with its interesting characters that can be both funny and tragic.

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