Le Circle – For the Artists, by the Artists

The manager of the artist community Le Circle was nice enough to sit down and answer some of my questions about it. Read on to know what he said about how Le Circle started, what it does and where it plans to go!

by Camille Nolasco

I stumbled upon Le Circle selling their merchandise back in Best of Anime 2013. I was with a friend who was previously acquainted with them as he posts in their Facebook group from time to time. My friend and the one running Le Circle’s booth exchanged introductions with each other. Not wanting to be the awkward third man in the conversation, I introduced myself as well and told the Le Circle member that I’d be interested in getting to know more about their community. That’s when I decided to send them a message online asking if I can write about them and they willingly gave me the go signal! So here goes!

by Drei

In the manager’s own words, Le Circle is an art community based around helping artists get more recognition or get their works “out there”. They’ve been doing that by sharing artwork through their Facebook page as well as selling their own artists’ goods at conventions.

Le Circle technically started around March during Ozinefest. Le Circle’s manager was just getting back to work at his art when he realized how a lot of amazing talent get overshadowed when they can’t get themselves into big groups. Sure, there were a lot of artist groups in the Philippines, but there was always this nagging vibe that the more “established” groups were less than welcoming to new blood. So that’s when Le Circle’s would-be manager decided to start up Le Circle with a couple friends. Le Circle found itself some fans of its cause and Le Circle managed to get its foot on the ground. Le Circle officially launched on August 18, 2013. It’s Facebook page managed to achieve 100 Likes in ten days and currently, it has 161 Likes and still growing.

by Andrea Baylon

One thing I was eager to ask about was on Le Circle’s bubbly little mascot, Sukuru. The manager explained that she was something out of a contest and that she won because she best reflected the group’s energy and mentality.

by Pochan

One of the few challenges that Le Circle has had to face deals with coming up with the budget for attending conventions. Artists aren’t the richest people in the world after all. Whatever money problems that they have hasn’t really kept Le Circle down for long though. While they couldn’t book for an event this October, Le Circle has managed to secure an exhibitor’s booth for Komikon and Otaku Expo this December. That’s a good step forward from the dinky indy artist’s table Le Circle used to call their spot during previous conventions.

by Pochan

Lastly, I asked about the future of Le Circle. The manager hoped to turn Le Circle into a real big community with artists sharing their work and getting the recognition they deserve. Le Circle also hopes to be sponsored one day. Community entities always need funding to make anything possible, and a sponsor would make things happen faster, and who knows? The manager commented that if Le Circle could get flying high enough, maybe they can hit an international community. Maybe Le Circle will even find itself in the San Diego Comic Con!

by Kuru San

There it is, my short interview with Le Circle’s manager. A community of artists that’s there to give other artists the opportunity to make a name for themselves. It’s an admirable cause and one that many can get themselves behind. If you want to show your support, you can Like their Facebook page where they frequently share other artist’s work as well as announce their next appearances in conventions and such. And speaking of conventions, don’t be shy to stop by their booths and browse around the merchandise that they made themselves!

by Maia Castaneda

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