Gatchaman Crowds 12 – Rui Seems Extra Girly Today…

Looks like all the last episode’s budget went to his hair.


The city is in chaos as the Crowds are now fighting amongst themselves.

OD finally calls out Berg Katse to go mano a mano with him.

Meanwhile, Hajime is trying to have another nonsensical conversation with Berg.

Berg shows up to face OD.

OD finally reveals his Gatchaman form and it is glorious.

Unfortunately, Berg manages to stab OD in the back, so both girly men are taken down.

Before OD goes out, he leaves Rui with his NOTE.

Rui uses the Crowds to fix the other Crowds’ mess.

By organizing different tasks into games, Rui is able to make others use the Crowds efficiently.

Oh yeah, the MESS still exists. They just float around.

The prime minister congratulates the internet on a job well-done.

Berg returns only to find that his chaos has no place in the world where Crowds go on riceball making contests.

So things get solved eventually. All is well and Berg is now Hajime’s bowtie for some reason.


I really just want to keep this review short and simple and just say that Gatchaman Crowds is terrible, but doing so would make me feel irresponsible. For your own good, I have to tell you why this show is so terrible. First, there are the characters. Now, I’m not going to say that all the characters in this anime are poorly written, in fact, I really only have a problem with two. Thing is, these two main characters are the antagonist Berg Katse and the protagonist Hajime herself. I’ve said this through out my entire experience of watching this show: I can’t take a story seriously if the main character herself isn’t taking things seriously. I’m going to expand on this and add that things get even worse when your villain is just as big an airhead as your hero. At this point, I’d be able to find a more intriguing story by reading the dictionary backwards than watching this show. Seriously, I know a lot of people praise Hajime for not being your typical female anime character who can’t go two sentences without one of them being about the angsty male protagonist or who can’t help being a walking pair of tits and ass, but I could argue that Hajime is barely a character to begin with.¬†She just lacks those human traits necessary to allow me to relate to her. She barely acts the way a real person would act since she’s always¬† just prancing about, humming gibberish. Same goes for Berg as well. Sure, he’s doing all these evil deeds and inciting chaos, but it’s not like he has a real motive for it. He doesn’t hold a grudge on society or anything. He doesn’t have any strong ideals that would push him to do all these heinous acts. He just wants to watch the world burn and an antagonist without a motive is a cheap antagonist. What makes this whole thing worse is that there are some characters who actually look like there was some effort put into writing them. Look at Rui. Rui came off as this guy with a strong sense of his own ideals but wasn’t so sure on how to go about it and this indecisiveness ended up costing him. Rui was actually involved with the plot even while he was just watching from the shadows of our main character. The show also has a lot of style visually and musically. It’s got a pretty unique soundtrack with some catchy electropop and even some dubstep. The visual style is colorful and the character designs especially the Gatchaman forms, are creative. You’ll find Hajime and Rui sporting different outfits which kinda gives you the hint that the designers had fun in making their characters fashionable. One thing about the animation though is that it’s barely there, and this is a huuuge problem for an action show. Sure, part of it is explained with Hajime not actually wanting to use force and rather “play” with her opponents but this show still has long stretches of boring and unanimated scenes that feature barely anything more than a bunch of talking heads. Hell, this show has the distinction of having the least exciting chase sequence in the history of anime ever. So in the end, why should anyone watch this show? Well, anyone who can put up with the main character. It’s almost insulting how this show doesn’t even try to take itself seriously and yet somehow expects that the viewer should. It’s one strength, it’s style isn’t enough of a spectacle to to be the one thing to get people watching the show as it’s nothing really amazing. In the end, Gatchaman was a show that had a lot of potential and a theme of being socially active that’s especially relevant during these cynical times. The problem was that this show was too caught up with its own gimmicks that it failed to deliver a decent story to tell.

*Sigh* All this ranting kinda demotivates me from shamelessly plugging the Facebook page like I usually do…

2 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 12 – Rui Seems Extra Girly Today…

  1. agr0n

    Wow you must of really hated this show when on Mal its been given so many high ratings :p

    I was probably more pissed off with this episodes op than anything else it totally spoiled OD’s armor and I feel sorry for Utsutsu or however you spell you spell her name.

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      It’s not so much that I hated this show, rather, I hated the main character so much that it stopped me from liking the rest of this show as much as I should have. I still saw interesting bits with the idea of a world where everyone is socially active, but I reeeaaalllyyy couldn’t bring myself to get past this show’s goofy main character. I feel like everything would have been so much better if Hajime was even just a little more serious >_>


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