Danganronpa 12 – Is Mukuro Skinny Dipping?!

There’s no visible swimsuit on her. Great. Even this show’s jumped into the skinny dipping bandwagon…


For the last trial. Monobear allows access to all the rooms.

Naegi and Kyoko check out the principal’s office. Kyoko has been there before but she was never able to unlock the password of the computer there. Turns out, the password was just her name.

Naegi finds a gift wrapped box with the principal’s remains in it.

They recall Alter Ego’s warning about the principal probably being dead already.

Naegi discovers a littler memory chip in the back of an old picture frame.

The chip contains videos of the different studios being interviewed by the principal.

The computer Naegi was using was about to break. Luckily, Monobear was around to prevent a disaster.

Meanwhile, Togami is reading up on the murder victim, Ikusaba Mukuro.

Naegi discovers an old notebook detailing the “Two Despairs” of Hope’s Peak Academy.

Naegi next checks out the morgue where there are an odd number of bodies being kept.

Monobear generously gives everyone a class photo.

For the last class trial, Monobear joins in because he’s a bro like that.

The first thing brought up is the pictures gave them all.

Naegi reveals the principal’s handbook which he used to get around.

Naegi next shows the little fried chip which had the videos of them in their interviews. He proves that they had previous memories which were erased.

Naegi also points out that Mukuro suffered the same wounds Junko did back in episode 1.

Which means…Junko and her nice legs are still alive!


Man, this season is just plagued with ‘meh’ second to the last episodes. This one didn’t really stand out too much from the rest of the series and it did follow a steady and mostly uninterrupted path towards the big reveal, it feels like when we finally get there, the bang wasn’t as loud as it should have been. I mean Junko isn’t exactly the scariest person in the world. And it doesn’t help that part of her final boss entrance involves the camera moving up close from her bare legs. Sure, she tried to do the whole psycho tongue out thing (which was already Genocider’s schtick), but at this point, I’m just wondering: Why her? I’m sure they’ll justify it in the last episode but how I’m left hanging right now is not a good kind of hanging. I guess this is partly to blame on that one figure that was announced pretty early into the anime and well, if you look at it, you would’ve also spoiled a lot about the show while it was still early. One actual complaint about this episode, and it’s been going on from the very beginning, is that the trial scenes are dominated by one (or two guys) every time. This time it was Naegi playing the role of super detective with unquestionable evidence. Seriously, what the hell was Togami doing all day? Not to mention Kyoko who Naegi tells everything to pretty much. Jeez, did Naegi decide that he wanted his fifteen minutes of fame already? Meanwhile, Poor Asahina and Hagakure can never catch a break and are usually just sitting quietly waiting for Naegi/Kyoko/Togami to say something smart.

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