Uchouten Kazoku 12 – Dumb and Dumber

These brothers deserve their own comedy spinoff!


Yashiro goes to Yajiro for help.

He gives him some brandy in an attempt to revive his Tanuki powers.

The Ebisugawa brothers and Yasaburo suddenly find the room shaking wildly.

They end up inside Yajiro who transformed into a train.

Yasaburo finds out that the Fuujin Raijin fan was with the Ebisugawa brothers all along.

Yajiro remembers the last time he took his dad out on a ride and he told him how what is fun is good.

Yashiro notices that they’ve been going around in circles for a while now.

It turns out, the Ebisugawa brothers had another trick up their sleeves.

Yajiro gets launched into the air.

Luckily, Yashiro brought the kettle pot that would keep them afloat.

Yasaburo drops the brothers down the river.

Yajiro crashes into the room where the Friday Fellows are at.

Yasaburo orders Yashiro to head to Sensuiro where the elders are at and cause a distraction.

Yasaburo frees Yaichiro and tells him and Yajiro to follow after Yashiro.

Yasaburo gets caught by Jurojin and Benten.

He pretends to be just passing by. Benten plays along by keeping quiet. Jurojin decides that the Friday Fellows will move to Sensuiro with Yasaburo tagging along.

Yaichiro makes it to the gathering in time.

They notice that another group has occupied the room next to theirs.


Not really the best episode which is more dangerous than it should be because this is pretty much the second to the last episode. One, Yajiro’s “revival” just seemed awkwardly quick. He goes from lazy frog to wild train in a matter of seconds just by ingesting alcohol and they never really explained why. Another thing, how the heck did Yasaburo and the Ebisugawa brothers end up in Yajiro? Especially since Kinkaku was in the form of the room itself which should have been bigger than Yajiro as a train. Finally, why didn’t anyone in the Friday Fellows recognize Yasaburo except Benten? I’m pretty sure Yasaburo even revealed he was a Tanuki back then when he had to entertain some of them. Aside from all the confusion, I’ve got two more gripes about the episode. First, Yajiro was being totally annoying the whole time he was a train. Maybe he was drunk, but he wouldn’t listen to Yasaburo or anyone and would rather do his own thing. Gee, your brother’s gonna get boiled in a pot and your mom’s probably going to get NTR’d by your uncle but you’d rather go on a joyride across town? Second, and actually just a minor gripe is the out of place music towards the end with Yasaburo’s monologue. That didn’t sound like epic build-up music at all. It sounded like something you’d hear from a really cheesy 90’s sci-fi anime. The previous episode had much better orchestral music which really brought drama to Yasaburo’s monologue. With this one though, the music just feels disjointed to Yasaburo was saying. Anyway, there was some good that came out of this show. I like how everything comes into full circle and the humans, the Tanuki and Akadama, have ended up in the same place. Definitely going to make for a grand finale.

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