Gatchaman Crowds 11 – Super Duper Budget Episode!

Is it me, or is there something seriously wrong with Rui’s face here?


After a pretty pointless recap segment that took up half the episode, Rui tries to convince X to come back to his side.

Katse drops his Rui disguise and prepares for the next stage in his dastardly plan.

Rui uses X to reboot Galax.

Meanwhile, Hajime makes the prime minister read out a public announcement she prepared.

The prime minister gets angry at all the rude comments during the live feed.

With the help of X, the Gatchaman are able to fight the Crowds while the police organize an evacuation.

The prime minister decrees that everyone should get themselves a phone and register on Galax.

The prime minister appears before a bunch of panicking civilians to urge them to calm down and cooperate with the rescue teams.

Suddenly, Katse hijacks the feed and tells everyone to activate their Crowds.

Rui screams (like he always does) as he watches the number of Crowds grow exponentially.


This episode was weird. When I sat down for the first minute and realized that it was a recap episode, I was almost ready to just not review it. So I fast forwarded a bit to see if there was actually any new material and I’m not sure if I’m glad that I did that. What little of this episode that was new material barely made any sense. First, there’s Rui reuniting with X. Why does X acknowledge Rui now when she didn’t before. I mean, Berg disguised as Rui was pretty much acting the same back then as well. Did it really have to take an act of terrorism for X to realize “Hey, maybe this crazy, sharp-toothed Rui isn’t actually Rui after all…” Then there’s Hajime taking a break from all the fighting to make the Prime minister do a live announcement over the internet. What doesn’t make sense here is OD’s only line in the entire episode minus the recap, “You can count on me.” Then he disappears for the rest of the episode. Finally there’s Rui’s annoying scream towards the end. Honestly, this episode did nothing but frustrate me. I was disappointed by the recap segment, which this show doesn’t even need! Then there’s the prime minister arguing with people over the internet which is supposed to be his wake up call into action. Really, the subtitles for this segment just made me want to punch my screen. If we weren’t down to the last one or two episodes, this episode would have convinced me to drop this show already. I mean, it’s a bad show, but a terribly put together episode like this is almost insulting to the viewers who expect a certain amount of effort going into what they’re watching.

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