Danganronpa 11 – Another Header GIF

Must be GIF week or something.


The group looks for what little clues they can find before the trial.

Togami instantly accuses Kyoko since she was the one who had the most time to commit the murder.

Furthermore, the murder weapon was a blunt weapon and they found a bunch of arrows tied together.

Pair that with the dojo key found in Kyoko’s room, and she’s the #1 suspect.

Kyoko points out that she couldn’t have gone into her room since Togami has her key.

Naegi remembers that Kyoko has a skeleton key and wonders why she would be lying.

Monobear grows impatient and tells everyone to finish up.

Naegi expresses how he thinks the whole thing is stupid.

Kyoko points out that since Naegi found the key, and that he also fits in the timeline of the possible murderer, Naegi is more likely the murderer than she is.

Monobear opens the votings and it turns out that Naegi was the murderer after all.

Naegi is strapped to a chair to get squashed into a human pancake.

Suddenly, Alter Ego appears and saves Naegi by dumping him down the garbage chute.

Naegi spends several hours down there living like a hobo.

Suddenly, a girl’s bare thigh falls from the sky and lands next to Naegi.

Kyoko figures that the mastermind planned to kill Naegi and frame Kyoko (which explains what Naegi saw in the middle of the night). When Naegi started ranting though, the mastermind decided to just have Naegi executed instead.

Naegi asks how they’ll plan to get out and Kyoko whips out her handy dandy skeleton key.

The two start climbing up the tall-ass ladder on the way out. Lemme just say that Naegi is a bro for not taking advantage of the situation and letting Kyoko go first.

While taking a break, Kyoko reveals that she started regaining her memories. She was the Super Duper Detective who got herself enrolled in Hope’s Peak Academy to find her father, the principal.

The two confront Monobear and challenge him to try to take them out fair and square.

The group reunites and prepares for the final trial.


This episode sure did a lot for the show but I still have a few criticisms about. Overall though, I enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed the rest of the series. First thing, I like how all the events of the past seem to come around and affect the trial now. I mean, I know that’s what a mystery anime is supposed to do but it was really well done here. I loved how Kyoko being deprived of her right to use her room became the perfect alibi, which totally made Togami’s proceeding accusations look weak, and yet the others seemed to be buying it anyway. Also, borrowing one of The Rock’s catchphrases, finally, FINALLY, Kyoko shows a bit of discomfort in her face. I always said that her actions were eventually going to bite her in the butt one day and that’s exactly what happened here. Though it’s only partly what happened. She got away by pinning the blame on Naegi and all this really puts more depth into her character, it shows that she’s human just like the rest of them and she’s not some Super Duper Mary Sue who can do nothing wrong. Anyway, what I don’t get is why Monobear just didn’t set them all up to have them all executed. His #1 goal was to cause despair, right? Nothing says despair more than the collective efforts of all these survivors going to waste! Then again, he probably needed to keep his reality show going for a few more episodes. On the other hand, that leaves the question: Why didn’t Monobear set up all the evidence against her so it works with the fact that she can’t enter her own room? He must have know, I mean, he has a monitor and probably a camera in the cafeteria where the whole thing took place.

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