Uchouten Kazoku 11 – Monkey Flip

Kaisei couldn’t possible be any more awesome!


Benten appears and stands beside Yasaburo.

Benten borrows Yasaburo as an umbrella and walks away like a boss.

Benten tells Yasaburo that she visited Akadama on Christmas Eve.

Yasaburo confronts Benten about his father’s death.

Benten leaves in a taxi (MIND BLOWING MOMENT RIGHT HERE. SERIOUSLY. GO SEE THE THOUGHTS SECTION) but tells Yasaburo that Hotei must have whichever Tanuki that’s ending up as hotpot.

Coincidentally, Yasaburo spots Hotei just passing by.

Yasaburo follows him disguises as an old man that happens to look like his dad.

Meanwhile, Yaichiro and mom reunite in a most untimely circumstance.

Yasaburo gets drugged from his food and loses his disguise.

It turns out to be a trap by the Ebisugawa bros.

Jurojin of the Friday Fellows arrives to pick up the Tanuki for their hotpot. Soun lets him have Yaichiro while keeping mom all to himself.

Meanwhile, Kaisei calls and learns about her brothers kidnapping Yasaburo.

Soun hands Yaichiro to the real Hotei.

Yashiro uses his electricity powers to turn on a siren inside the locked warehouse.

Kaisei sees the siren and sneaks out of her room to save Yashiro.

She tells Yashiro about a secret passage out of the warehouse.

The guards catch and surround them so Kaisei Monkey Flips Yashiro to save his brothers.


Uchouten Kazoku has gone on for 11 episodes and for 11 episodes Uchouten Kazoku has been GREAT! This episode is no exception. The opening and ending lines were poetically sexy as usual. The turn of events was smooth really had the right build up and development (aren’t they the same thing?). I do love how even the Ebisugawas fear Benten. Now about that mind blowing thing. It’s Benten getting into a car. So what? Well, remember the first episode. The context of a once great Tengu like Professor Akadama being reduced to using a taxi? OH SHIIIIIT! Still don’t get it? Fine. I think it’s a hint at Benten losing her powers and maybe, just maybe, making a return to humanity. The clever exchange between her and Yasaburo from the previous scene somewhat reinforces this theory. Also, it kind of makes sense with how it was hinted that something was troubling her in past episodes. Well, I might be over-reading things but if this thing actually means what I think it means, then I can only praise the writers for this anime even more. This level of symbolism is rarely found in most other anime. Anyway, I found the scene with Kaisei and Yashiro kind of cute. The inner fangirl in me wants to ship those two little kiddies together. The more sensible annalist in me, however wants to look at is as an example of how Kaisei is such a strong character. Judging by their human appearance, I’m guessing Kaisei and Yashiro might just be of the same age. However, Kaisei acts way more mature than Yashiro and from what little dialogue we got between them, Yashiro looks up to Kaisei (shown by how he believes she can save Yasaburo and how he refers to her like something of an older sister). Man, I love Kaisei, and not in the “I want to make her my waifu desu!” kind of way. She’s a strong character which we don’t see in anime these days. She’s stubborn and bratty in a way, but this is part of her being strong willed. Actually, she’s better than 80% of most female characters today simply because she’s not a glorified arm accessory for the male protagonist is. Too many of those these days and not enough Kaiseis. Anyway, the preview at the end of the show definitely spoils a lot but at the same time, it hooks people’s interests. Yeah, that’s Yashiro and Yasaburo riding on a train in the middle of the street (I think you know what this implies), but you have to wonder, how did that happen? That question right there is what’s motivating me and probably several others to anticipate the next episode. See? Uchouten Kazoku is smart even in how it does its previews!

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