Gatchaman Crowds 10 – I Was Watching The Mascot Guy

I was distracted from the actual dialogue in this scene. What’s it doing anyway?


Umeda loses control of his Neo Hundred as all of them have become lazy assholes.

Hajime finally finds Berg within Galax but Berg just gives a hint at his next move in the form of a riddle.

Berg taps into the prime minister’s phone to reveal his location to the Neo Hundred.

The Neo Hundred go Crowds and march to Tachikawa.

Jou just happened to be the guy escorting the prime minister too.

The Gatchaman arrive to defend the city.

They use their attacks to subdue the Crowds without hurting their users.

Utsutsu finally reveals her Gatchaman form.

Rui and the prime minister argue over who’s safety to prioritize.

Paiman abducts the prime minister because nobody wanted to deal with him.

Umeda comes home to evacuate his family from the attack.

Meanwhile, Jou is just…there.

He remembers the first advice he gives to Sugane about being a man.

Jou finally finds his groove and flies to fight the Crowds with the others.

Paiman finally has enough of listening to the prime minister’s shit.

Umeda finds Berg but can’t get him to pull back the Neo Hundred.

Paiman sets out to fight the Crowds.

The Gatchaman team up to fight the Neo Hundred.


Okay, this episode was good. First of all, it was coherent, which, for this show, is a big achievement. The characters’ actions made sense, even Umeda’s. I especially liked how Paiman grew a pair and it showed what made him want to fight when the kids were being attacked. Jou’s reinvigoration also made use of the NOTE which seemed to be quite underutilized through out the series. It seemed to have potential as symbolism for the importance of communication and the fact that it’s something shared between the Gatchaman could have represented collectivism or something. Anyway, we finally got some action going in this episode and its in gratuitous amounts and everyone who could fight, did. One of the strong points in this anime is the designs of the Gatchaman and how it represents the characters. Sugane has his samurai-esque lifestyle manifested in a straight and sturdy suit of armor and how he’s always so level headed is shown with how his suit has it’s feet on the ground on any surface. Utsutsu has the duality of life and death and how she posseses the power of both with how she can heal something or cause it to decay even without her armor. Jou’s suit is literally burning with passion while Paiman’s suit is a little Freudian joke. Overcompensation, much? Anyway, this episode has got me kind of excited for future episodes and it makes me disregard all the problems of the previous episodes. At this point, all the characters have pretty much found their callings, solved their personal crises and are now out to fight a crisis on a larger scale. In terms of plot progression, this is quite an exponential development. Yeah, I don’t really get what I said either…Whatever, this show is just getting better now that it counts.

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