Uchouten Kazoku 10 – Seriously, Mom!

As far as I know, they haven’t really given mom’s name yet…


Typical election season stuff. Also, the Friday Fellows’ Tanuki Hotpot just happens to be on the same day.

One early morning, Yasaburo warns Yaichiro about Kaisei’s warning.

Yashiro’s been assigned by the Ebisugawa bros to clean up a warehouse.

The bros lock Yashiro in when he’s not looking.

Yasaburo visits Yajiro to give him his share of fried chicken and to talk about what’s been happening.

It suddenly starts getting stormy so Yasaburo returns home to check on his mom.

Yaichiro gets kidnapped by a couple of Ebisugawa’s cronies.

Yasaburo makes it back to the temple. Nobody’s there except Kaisei who reveals her family’s evil plan.

She also tells Yasaburo about the time she followed her dad around while disguised as a charm.

Her dad met up with Soichiro over some drinks after he went drinking with Yajiro.

Soichiro noticed the suspicious cage in the room but Kaisei’s dad insisted that this was a reunion drink.

Suddenly, Benten appears and takes Soichiro in the cage.

Suddenly, Yasaburo is surrounded by the Ebisugawas.


Definitely the episode that Uchouten Kazoku needed as it’s nearing its conclusion. What I love about this development is that it ties everything in the story together while keeping future outcomes quite unpredictable, especially with Benten. The last thing we know about her is that she really was in cahoots with the Ebisugawas on causing the death of Soichiro Shimogamo it would be interesting to see how Yasaburo acts considering everything that’s been happening between them lately. Really, Benten is grey as grey can get, not that this whole story really focused on black and white morality anyway. At this point as well, the story makes the viewer wonder about two things, who’s becoming Nise-emon and who’s become Tanuki hotpot? There’s also some wondering about whether or not Yajiro will ever get off his lazy froggy ass, plus whatever happens between him, Kaisei and Yasaburo. I know I’ve said this about a bajillion times already but I wish that there were more anime like Uchouten Kazoku. If you notice, much of what makes this story so great is that unlike most anime that focus on making each individual character have their own appeal through character traits, this anime focuses on the relationships between each character and through that, each character becomes interesting. This is what makes Uchouten Kazoku a real story rather than a messy collection of personalities most anime tend to be these days. Aaaand I don’t want to sound like some feminist (which everyone seems to be these days) but I love their portrayal of women here. Benten is a free spirit and I’ve already talked about how she’s powerful even at her most vulnerable state so that one time she was shown naked was a show of power rather than an attempt at sexual appeal. Sure, every feminist ever would like to pretend that being motherly is a stupid gender role assigned to women by society but Mom shows how it is not at all a demeaning job. Especially since she’s a single parent. You can see how much her sons care about her and that’s because they feel the sense of responsibilty to give back to their mom after the years she’s been giving them. There’s a mutually beneficial relationship between a parent and her children and this show portrays it right. Then there’s Kaisei, who, if you think about it, mirrors Yasaburo in some ways. She doesn’t let herself be restricted by her family’s tradition. She sees that her father and her brothers are doing something wrong and she doesn’t just go along with it. She acts out on her own. She’s a girl who, at a young age, knows how to think, decide and act on her own and that’s admirable. So, even with this patriarchal society that these women in Uchouten Kazoku exist in, these women manage to stand out and be dignified. They’re not stuck playing waifu unlike most female anime characters these days *cough*Asuna and Mikasa*cough* Uchouten Kazoku is literally literature.

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