Danganronpa 10 – Senpai Has Finally Noticed Fukawa

I was expecting Bishounen sparkles all around Togami.


Asahina found some chicken.

Meanwhile, Togami wonders what happened after getting drunk last night.

He finally musters the courage to ask Kyoko out on a date.

Meanwhile, Fukawa found a survival knife (No seriously. This actually happened).

Monobear is pissed that Togami hit on Kyoko before he could.

He spends the next six months training and working out to get that body Kyoko would love.

Kyoko calls Naegi and shows him the key to the principal’s office (Okay. Being serious now).

Sakura broke down the door before she killed herself, allowing Kyoko to sneak and take whatever she wants.

Kyoko and Naegi pinky swear to help each other out.

Naegi distracts Monobear by talking to him about pubescent boy things.

Later that night, Naegi dreams of a luchadore stalking him in his sleep (I’m still serious here).

The next day, Naegi finds everyone (except Kyoko of course) at the gym with a dismantled Monobear.

Togami takes advantage of the situation to try to access some restricted areas.

He orders Fukawa to get a pickaxe but she returns as Genocider Syo and reports about finding a dead body in the garden.

They all assume it was Kyoko who was killed.

Genocider acts recklessly with the corpse and it blows up.

Togami finds a key in the corpse’s hand.

They enter the room for the key only to find several monitors. Monobear reveals that their little survival game is being broadcasted on TV.


An okay episode but one that stands out because of how much funnier it is compared to the others. Seriously. We have Fukawa almost melting over Togami’s recognition. Monobear doing his weird intro and Naegi’s (lack of) reaction. Even Togami trolling people with the bomb inside the Monobear robot. In this episode, they fin ally pointed out Kyoko’s suspicious actions (or at least Togami did). I’m kind of disappointed that it took them this long, but to be fair, there wasn’t much order among them anyway. What’s even more disappointing is that nothing changes with Kyoko’s actions. She still does what she does that get people suspicious of her and as I’ve said before, she runs the risk of getting everyone killed by wrongly accusing her. Look at the situation now. She was the only one separated from the group (and by Fukawa/Genocider as well, I guess) during the time of the murder which instantly makes her the number one suspect. Look, I know the fanbase has the biggest boner for her right now but I believe, put in the shoes of the other students, they’d be pretty frustrated with her at times like these. Actually, I assume that they’d be a little conflicted. It’s a fact that she’s one of the more important people when it comes to the trials but she’s also the least cooperative of the group. On the other hand, she does start to open herself up more to Naegi but this is becoming the “mysterious pretty girl growing attached to the teenage main character who is pretty much every teenager ever thus sort of making this a self insert of sorts” cliche. I can just imagine how this is working for the PSP game which kinda explains why all the boys are head over heels for Kyoko. She’s the video game girlfriend. N-E-waaay…There are two to three episodes left and still six students. Yeah, nobody’s coming out of this a real winner and it’s sort of disappointing that it’s this obvious just by looking at the number of episodes left.

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