Gatchaman Crowds 9 – And Now Naked Rui

Why in Zod’s name is he the fanservicey character?


Rui tells little girl that every little thing is gonna be alright.

Hajime sees Rui and attacks him with a sleeper hold.

Utsutsu surprises Rui in the shower and heals his wounds.

Somehow, Paiman has been reduced to being the Gatchaman Public Relations Officer.

Rui complains about all the hate comments he’s been getting recently.

Hajime shows him the solution to everything: Turning you iPad off.

OD helps Hajime solve Berg’s riddle when he says something about other people’s misfortune being as sweet as honey.

JJ summons his minions to tell them another riddle about a “festival”.

Umeda, Berg’s henchman begins to carry out their plan.

Meanwhile, Berg grants the power of CROWDS to thousands of undeserving people.

Umeda leads the Neo Hundred to commit acts of terrorism.


The rain stopped.

Hajime decides to have a Q and A with the Gatchaman.

Meanwhile, Jou doesn’t have time for this sh** since he’s got a day job.

He does keep his handy dandy notebook around though.

X notices that Rui has been suspiciously more flamboyant lately. Berg catches on and fries X.

Sugane approaches JJ to tell him that they will be acting on their own form now on.

He gets a hug and a head pat as a reward.


Another okay episode for Gatchaman. The story is definitely building up with the conflict growing into a scale greater than before. Still, for an action show, this show doesn’t have a lot of action. A lot of this episode was either Hajime or Katze not doing anything important. Really, when was the last time someone threw a punch? Come on, for a bunch of superheroes, they don’t seem to be in much of a rush to fight crime. I get it, they have to deal with the fact that fighting the CROWDS means endangering the lives of civilians but I still believe there was too much of doing nothing in this episode. Rui seems to have allied himself with the Gatchaman and its actually surprising how close he’s gotten with everyone in such a short amount of time. He’s like total BFFs with Hajime now, but then again, who isn’t. You wouldn’t believe that this was the guy who kept acting like he had a stick up his ass for the past eight episodes. He just seemed too accepting. Seriously, something better happen next episode. For the most part, this show has been mostly about people who happened to be super powered speaking in gibberish. Get things done already! Do you really have the luxury of watching TV and checking out Twitter when half the city is exploding? There’s no sense of urgency in this show. No one is panicking like they should be and that just makes the antagonists look really lame. So, anything good come out of this episode? Maybe one thing: Opera dubstep. Other than that, this episode shows just how uncool a nation wide crisis looks when it’s happening on Twitter.

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