Danganronpa 9 – The Super Duper Late Review

This is what happens when all your professors decide to slap project deadlines all in the same week.


Aoi blames Hagakure, Fukawa and Togami since they were the last people who met with Sakura. Fukawa and Togami admit that they never came to see her. Hagakure reveals that he did hit Sakura out of instinct but it didn’t kill her.

Togami brings out evidence #1: a bottle of poison BUT! and this is a -uh- Sakura(?) sized butt, the contents have been replaced with protein!

He also brings up the bottle of protein found in the crime scene.

Next is the footprints found in the Chemistry room.

Aoi admits to killing Sakura.

Naegi brings up the locked door as proof that Aoi was bluffing.

Kyoko shows them a shard of glass inside the bottle of poison.

This implies that someone moved it from the crime scene while no one was looking.

Sakura finally confesses that Sakura killed herself.

She saw Sakura’s head injury caused by Hagakure and rushed out to find a first aid kit.

When she came back, she found Sakura sitting on a chair, dead.

Monobear confirms that Sakura indeed killed Sakura.

Aoi shows them all Sakura’s last will.

Lolnope. It was probably one of Monobears doodles. He has Sakura’s real last will with him.

Well, since Killer is Dead (Ehehehehehhehee….), Monobear decides to execute Alter Ego instead.


Actually a pretty good episode despite how much I procrastinated with this review. So what was good? I loved how panicked and confused everyone (except for Togami and Kyoko, of course) was, especially Aoi. This was the sort of atmosphere I was expecting from the very beginning. I love how emotionally charged Aoi was and despite Kyoko being a hollow sack of flesh devoid of emotions and common sense, she was right when she said that Togami failed to see that she was acting out of her emotions. A lot of people might argue that what she did was really dumb, and it was, but when your best friend’s been pushed to kill herself, you wouldn’t just shrug it off like “Yeah, okay.” You’d want a little vindication (is that the right word?). Sure, getting everyone killed is going too far, but I don’t think Aoi had much hope of living through this ordeal in the first place. Another thing I love about this whole arc is that it kind of made Aoi being the murderer a reasonable possibility. She was first on the scene, she was accusing others aggressively, and she could probably get close to Sakura without arousing suspicion. She did several things that the past murderers did so the whole twist that Sakura actually killed herself was surprising, though I did consider it, and then I read the spoilers. I suck. Anyway, this episode is still plagued with the usual problems Danganronpa encounters. The writers really don’t give a rat’s ass about putting the viewer in the role of detective. To put it a bit harshly, it’s like they’re saying “No, fuck you and your speculations. You’re gonna watch my show the way I want you to watch it.” To be fair Danganronpa probably would have needed more episodes if they wanted to get into the details of everything but still, Dora the Explorer still does a better job of letting the viewers get involved in its mysteries.

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