Uchouten Kazoku 9: The Kaisei Episode

By the way, that’s not Kaisei’s ass you’re looking at.


Short prologue about how the Ebisugawas got into a family feud.

Yasaburo visits Hotei. He tells him how he’s having trouble finding a Tanuki to boil for the Year End Hotpot.

The family gathers at a small coffee shop.

Mom tells them the story of how Yasaburo set fire to the Center Stone.

They visit the local shrine for a big Tanuki gathering but are blocked by…these…guys…

Meanwhile, the Ebisugawa bros just get to walk through no problems.

The bros make fun of Yaichiro. Kaisei throws nuts at them while hidden.

Yasaburo randomly asks why dad avoided Akadama for a time.

Mom explains that dad would always lose his transformation whenever Benten was around so he had to avoid Akadama by extension.

The election for Nise-emon is formally announced.

After the gathering, Yasaburo goes back to the cafe to keep his butt warm when mom tells him to go see Akadama.

The Tanuki want Akadama at their election proper but he’s being stubborn.

Yasaburo eventually convinces him to go by pandering to his pride.

Yasaburo goes to the bath house to warm his ass when -OH MY ZOD IT’S KAISEI.

Yasaburo and the family spend Christmas out in a park eating fried chicken.


Another good episode but it feels kind of out of place considering how last episode ended with Yaichiro crying. It feels like they jumped over something that could have been important because I felt like they were going somewhere with Yajiro. I would have loved to see them console their brother and try to bring him back out of the well. Instead, we get back to the Nise-emon elections and Kaisei. Which leads me to my second disappointment. After teasing Kaisei’s appearance for so long they just revealed her so casually. I was expecting her to show herself at a crucial moment but no, Yasaburo walks into a bath house and it just so happens that Kaisei was there. I was expecting them to continue the kid of camera angles that don’t show her face but then suddenly: cute girl talking to Yasaburo. If catching the viewers off guard was their intention then they did that right. The mystique of Kaisei is pretty much gone now but that doesn’t mean she’s not interesting anymore. Judging from her dialogue, she’s dislikes her family but at the same time, she sticks up for them. It kinda makes me think about how this whole thing will end. Whether one family will fall or whether they’ll get back to better which would be a really happy ending but still quite fitting for this show. I do think that an appearance by Benten is long overdue and I think she’ll come up soon. The whole Tanuki Hotpot thing is still quite relevant and it seems like it eventually occur along with the Nise-emon elections. So anyway, Uchouten Kazoku hasn’t been at its best lately but it’s still pretty damn good. My interest in this show and the wonders of its world has been replaced or rather, reinforced by the intrigue of the current storyline. It was a pretty good transition too, let’s hope the writers keep up the awesome job until the end.

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