Pixiv Initiativ Week 10: Popokuri

With a very important reminder towards the end of this post.

The artist’s Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1041194

Now I just don’t know how to label this guy’s style. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not so knowledgeable on art. Most of this artist’s work has some sharp outlines and a certain strong texture to the color.

It’s also very anime and at the same time, not the typical kind of anime.

As in, it’s the kind of art that you’ll label as anime but at the same time you just know you’ll never come across this style in an actual anime or greyscale manga.

I’m also somewhat obliged to point out that Popokuri does Vocaloid and Touhou fan art. Just like everybody.

Also, the male to female subject ratio for this artist seems to be pretty balanced, unlike most artists who seem to only see beauty in the female form.

I wanna quote Timmy Turner’s dad here: “Where is it written in this one sided society that a man can’t be beautiful?”

Now on to the big announcement: Pixiv Initiativ is going on hiatus for a while. Few reasons really. One: I’m running out of artists I know. The time of this little hiatus is going to be spent looking for more artists for my next batch of Pixiv Initiativ (Tentative name: Pixiv Initiativ 2 Electric Boogaloo). Second reason: Catch up with my life. I am a college student as well as a blogger and while I love my blog like a parent loves his child, it’s still important that I keep up with my studies so that I don’t end up with a minimum wage job in the future. Third reason: I’ve got a couple figures coming up so I need some days dedicated to reviewing them. Not only that, but there are some upcoming conventions in the Philippines during the “Ber” months and I pledged to go out there and meet new people. Well, it’s time to finally start doing that. Don’t worry though, I’ll continue to blog about anime especially since the next season looks to be godly with KILL LA KILL (by Studio Trigger aka the only guys from Gainax that actually loved their job), Blaz Blue, Arpeggio (A fully CG anime), Kyousogiga, a Sword Art Online ripoff, Nagi No Asakura (P.A. Works), Pupa, Sekai De Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai (OH MY ZOD, A WRESTLING ANIME), and Yozakura Quartet! As usual, you can keep up with the blog through the Facebook page.

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