Loli Inspection Time: Fate Testarossa Plain Clothes Ver. Review

Uh, please don’t inspect lolis in real life. You might get arrested for that.

Now this one’s a limited edition figure that a friend of mine acquired at a local toy convention over the summer. Hobby Japan had a booth in that con and they were selling mystery bags with random goods in them. My friend bought two, ended up with two Fates (that sounds badass lol). I…ended up with the only Nendoroid ever to have a penis. Now fast forward several months later to just a few days ago, my friend was selling one of his Fates for a pretty awesome price. I, being the cheapskate bargain hunter that I am, jumped at the opportunity to add another loli to my collection. Alright, I’ll shut up and get reviewing now!

Now, Fate is manufactured by Alter, one of the top tier guys in the business but Fate does have a pretty simple design which I’m sure not even the lowliest of companies could fuck up. Her head is…there. Here eyes match her look in the anime (which I haven’t watched yet, by the way) but it does feel flat and 2D compared to everything else. Her hair is fine with little lines showing where her hair is going.

A couple things I don’t like about her head though: a) it looks a little too big. Especially with her hair all over the place. b) this stupid piece of hair that really sticks out.

She does have a simple dress on and the government probably tracking my blog is forcing me to say that I should prefer her with this simple black dress than with no dress. Like I said, I have not watched the show yet so I have no idea why she’s holding a nacho. By the way, that nacho is removable and I assume it’s a bitch to lose that thing because her hand looks weird without it.

Her head is removable in a most unusual way. She pops off from her collar area instead of the usual area behind the jaw. Her head is removable so you can replace it with the head of the non-limited edition Fate which looks almost exactly the same. Well, this near pointless feature is redeemed with its ability to be used for silly photos like this:

Uh, I’m supposed to show this deformed little lump on her skirt but the black paint hides it pretty well. I -um- I don’t promote looking at little girls’ legs. At least I’m not supposed to.

Her base is pretty simple. Semi-clear black with her name printed on it. I do think the black works well since, like her clothes, it give some good contrast to her bare skin.

Her pose is a bit off. She’s not standing straight, rather she’s curved forward with her no-touchy area ahead of the rest of her body.

Her hair is definitely the best part about her. How it’s done like it’s flowing gives a little more life to the figure.

Just putting it out there: She’s got plain white panties and it’s surprisingly detailed. You can see some creases and folds where her panties are hugging her butt cheeks. Her panties are also adjusted ever so slightly more to one side so a bit of her groin (quite an unsexy word for a sexy area) is exposed on the other side. My dignity refuses to let me take panty shots so you’re on your own with trying to picture how this looks like.

Well, that’s it for my review of Fate Testarossa Plain Clothes Ver. It’s a very simple figure but I imagine the price for this one can get hefty since it seems to be an event only item. It’s got the superb quality you can expect from Alter but it can only go so far with it’s simple design. Still, the combo of loli and bare legs is a winner for me so it’s going to stick around in my collection. If you have any questions about it feel free to comment.

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