Gatchaman Crowds 8 – The No Hajime Edition!

And here I go! I’m going to do my best to make it seem like Hajime doesn’t exist!


Paiman is down for being a terrible leader and uncute mascot. OD tries to cheer him up along with everyone else who was bummed out by their loss to Berg Katse.

FINALLY! It feels it’s been forever since Utsutsu was in her undies!

The idea that the Gatchaman should reveal themselves to the public is brought up to mixed reactions.

Rui runs into Berg on the streets.

Berg kisses Rui, takes his form and steals X.

The Gatchaman make their appearance in a preschool.

Both the kids and the media are excited to see them transform.

Since the media were being annoying jerks, Sugane gives in and transforms.

OD scolds the media for pushing away the kids.

Meanwhile, Rui fails at planking.

Meanwhile, Berg is chillin’ at Rui’s crib.

The news about the Gatchaman breaks out to the public. There’s a mix of surprise and skepticism.

Berg (as Rui) approaches one of the old CROWDS and tells him about his more aggressive approach to achieving his ideals.

Sugane and OD take a break from playing with the kids. Sugane comments on how wonderful kids are in a non-pedophillic way.

Rui visits the preschool only to be approached by a girl who wants him to write “grave” on a piece of wood. The girl tells him that she thinks her father will die soon due to GALAX.


An average episode, which, by Gatchaman’s standards, is a good episode. I don’t mean that in a bad way but it feels like there’s something wrong with this series every other episode. It’s like they can never get anything done right 100%. Here though, I don’t see a lot to complain about. It’s your typical post-defeat episode with everyone being glum and they find something to cheer themselves up with by the end of the episode. What I like about this one compared to most episodes of its nature is that not everyone goes home happy. While the Gatchaman were enjoying themselves playing with kids, Rui’s life just sucks more and more. First he loses, his army, now he loses his only friend. It says something how X can’t distinguish between Rui and Berg disguised as Rui. I think it goes to show the definitive difference between humans and robots. While the kids were playing with Gatchaman and Sugane and the others could feel the genuine feelings of the children, Rui’s heart breaks when X can’t even identify the real him. Maybe it’s saying how there’s no replacement for real human relationships? That’s brilliant writing right there, and it’s hidden under the disguise of a cheesy action show that’s been having subpar storytelling in previous episodes. So what do I have to complain about this episode? Well, nothing but if I’m really going to force myself to say something it’s that one guy who was complaining about the CROWDS throughout the episode. Now, his role in this episode was adequate but I feel like it would have been better if he was shown in previous episodes with the same problems. I know he appeared before for one episode but it seems so insignificant now considering what happened last episode which he had no part of. His kid and the kid at the last scene probably should have been the same kid, for extra effect.

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2 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds 8 – The No Hajime Edition!

  1. Lin

    Interesting experiment. It’s really noticeable how the whole summary falls apart when you take Hajime out of the equation, as it makes it seem like things happen on their own. That goes to show that Hajime’s the main driving force of the plot. She makes all the big decisions that advance the story. Then again, I suppose that’s true for any main protagonist.

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      That’s true. Even if I’m not so charmed by Hajime’s overly Genki Girl act, she does have an important part to play in moving the story forward and she does her job better than some anime protags out there.


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