Uchouten Kazoku 8 – Definitely Not a Budget Cutting Technique

Yeah, there’s definitely symbolism behind that long stretch of barely animated seconds.


Recap: UK’s last episode ended like a Mexican soap opera.

Yajiro used to be a bum. Now he’s a frog. I suppose that’s worse, but that’s offensive to frogs.

One night, his dad invites him to drink with him. Yajiro tells him about his troublesome love situation. He’s in love with a Tanuki much younger than he is, plus she’s engage. To his own little brother Yasaburo. That Tanuki he fell in love with was Kaisei. Give me a minute while I cry like a baby…

He’s thinking of switching towns to run away from his problems. Dad tells him not to break the bonds of family like their uncle did.

Later that night, Yajiro takes his dad on a wild ride by transforming into a railroad train and wreaking havoc around town.

He woke up with a terrible hangover while his family waits for dad to come home.

Eventually, they get the news about his dad’s death. Feeling responsible for his dad turning into hotpot, Yajiro loses motivation in live and becoms a frog.

Yasaburo and Yaichiro return home but Yasaburo makes a detour to the bath house to pick up Akadama.

On the way home, Akadama shows off the coat that Kaisei made for him.

Yasaburo remembers his childhood, how he was such an idiot around his dad.

Akadama says Yajiro wasn’t the last one to see Soichiro. He tells how Soichiro visited him in a pub before leaving this world.

Yasaburo arrives home pretty late.

Mom tells Yaichiro to sympathize with Yajiro. Yaichiro says he understands because he’s his brother, but understanding is what’s making the whole thing painful. Sorry, I need another minute. My feels are going haywire (;_;)

Yasaburo believes that each sibling represents a different part of their father. Yaichiro’s diligence, Yajiro’s care-free personality, Yashiro’s innocence, and Yasaburo’s idiocy. Goddammit, my feels…


Not exactly the episode I was expecting. Nonetheless, this was another good one. I was expecting Yaichiro to be more angry at Yajiro who is quite the opposite of him. Instead, Yaichiro decided to be the bigger man, say nothing about it, and cry in private. Man, was this episode full of emotion or what? And guess what, it wasn’t like Clannad or Angel Beats where the drama was in your face and rubbing it in. The drama in this was so subtle but mere words were strong enough to move me. One thing I have to praise this show for is how it successfully makes a character, who was dead as of the present timeline of the story, so important. Soichiro, their dad, was only ever shown during flashbacks and yet so much was invested in these that I really bought into the idea of how great he was. Everyone remembered something about him. He never came of as some overly romanticized figure with achievements that are unattainable by anyone else in the story. Sure, he did great things but all that did was add to the myth behind this character. What’s more he seemed like a great dad but at the same one a strong one. He seemed so high and mighty and yet also humble and simple towards his family and friends. Okay, I might end up jinxing this show, but this show is definitely going into my personal anime hall-of-fame. I haven’t seen such a simple and yet powerful anime like this since watching Kino’s Journey.

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