Danganronpa 8 – Squid

This one scene maid me hungry for some sea food for some reason.


I did not need to see this.

So since another guy died, Monobear opens up a new area of the school for the students.

Naegi and Kyoko talk about the secret room. Kyoko gets the feeling that Naegi is hiding something and leaves him.

The students discuss the possibility of breaking into some of the locked rooms. Monobear gets mad and makes it against the rules to do such a thing.

They go check up on Alter Ego who has decoded more data while they were away.

Also, a new image.

Monobear calls every one to the gym to make an announcement. He reveals that Sakura-chan was working for him all along.

Aoi slaps Fukawa in the face for talkin’ smack abut her girl.

Later, Genocider picks a fight with Aoi for messing with her man.

Shaggy and Scooby bring Aoi to the infirmary to get patched up.

Sakura-chan was actually a time bomb and explodes.

Naegi makes up with Kyoko for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

The two go check up on Alter Ego. It says it want to help them more if they can get it connected to the internet.

Kyoko suggests the hidden room which secretly had an ethernet port.

Naegi sneaks into the room, connects to the internet, and decides to reward himself with some Sword Art Online Hentai (Which, by the way, is the most popular search term that leads people to this blog for some reason).

Kyoko catches Naegi fapping to some Silica doujinshi but decides to punish him later since Sakura-chan getting murdered is a bigger deal.

Naegi smashes the window to unlock the door and later regrets using his fapping hand to do it.

The other three guys arrive on scene a few moments later.

Aoi blames everybody.


Pretty average episode. Nothing really wrong from it (except maybe for one thing) but the show has had better days. Few things I liked about this episode: Monobear continues to play the evilly evil role in this episode by trying to get everyone to turn on each other. It also helps that he plays innocent to mock them. I do think Kyoko is coming around to becoming more human of a character, very subtly too. Look, as much as I criticize her character for cheapening the thrill of the mystery aspect of the show, I don’t hate her. I just don’t get the googly-eyed love people have for her when she’s barely got personality to add to her killjoy detective abilities. Anyway, the fact that she values her team work with Naegi definitely means something. It means she’s starting to see the good in Naegi and starting to see the importance of working together to get out of the school. That’s much more justifiable than her working by herself and spouting BS about other people being secretly good just so she can come off as one of the good guys, which, just by the mere fact that she sticks to guys like Naegi and Shaggy when not looking for clues, she already was. Few things to rant on though, Fukawa is becoming more of a dick to the point where its unnecessary. Back then, it made sense for him to be cautious of others and then pressure them when there’s a crime. Here though, he’s just begging for a stab at the back. Like I said with Kyoko though, he shouldn’t be acting in a way that endangers everybody including himself. If his dickish ways leads to everyone accusing him of murder, he’s going to send everyone including himself to the chopping block.

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