Gatchaman Crowds 7 – Rui Still Has Nice Legs

And dammit, this angle doesn’t help.


Utsutsu asks why Hajime rejected Rui’s offer when he could have wiped out everything everyone was saying about the Gatchaman online. Hajime says she could do the same thing by switching off her phone.

Rui tells X to gather the Crowds to launch an attack on Katze.

Meanwhile, Utsutsu stares thoughtfully at her crumpled red paper.

OD tells her to go see Hajime and fetch a pair of scissors for him.

While there, Ututsu asks Hajime about the paper. Hajime enthusiastically pulls her in to make origami together.

Paiman comment on how OD does a better job at keeping the team together than he does (Wait, is Paiman really a dude?).

Rui and the Crowds surround Katze but girly man brings out his own NOTE.

Girly man easily annihilates the Crowds.

Katze ties Rui up and whips him with his tail thingy.

Sugane is on the scene and urges Paiman to let them deal with it but Paiman refuses until JJ gives the order.

Jou happened to be on the scene as well. He tells Sugane to save Rui while he deals with Katze.

Jou transforms and saves Rui.

Sugane brings Rui to a safe area. Rui tells him about the Crowds and the power given to him by Katze.

Hajime is disappointed that Paiman and the others can’t decide for themselves.

Eventually, Paiman gives in and transforms into a car-bear-thing to bring Hajime and Utsutsu there.

Jou gets his ass violated by Katze both physically and psychologically.

He pulls out the NOTE from Jou’s back, leaving him fatally wounded.

Utsutsu and Hajime arrive late when Paiman decides to chicken out. Utsutsu heals Jou while Hajime plays 20 Questions with girly man.

The Gatchaman retreat so they can fight another day.


You know, I reeeaaally thought this was going to be the episode where this show proves itself. The first half showed a lot of promise. Most of the characters I was actually interested in were doing something important to them. Rui was confronting Berg Katse, Utsutsu was trying to be friendly with Hajime. For once, Sugane acted by himself instead of playing by the rules. Jou also showed how fired up (literally and figuratively) he was to fight Katze. Meanwhile, Hajime’s there fangirling over her own scissors again. And that’s how this show fell apart. Hajime stepped in, and treated everything like a game again. Look, I wouldn’t be scared of a horror movie if the actors acted like they were in a rom-com. In the same way, I can’t appreciate a serious plot when the main character is a joke. Seriously, not a lot about her makes sense. She’s just so derp because the writers said so. At least Berg Katze has the excuse of being an alien to explain his crazy but Hajime is a human and so it’s only natural to expect her to act like a human. Last time I checked, Humans don’t play around with a guy who almost murdered his ally and caused several other calamities. To the credit of this episode though, this show effectively teased OD’s true powers again. I seriously went “Oh shit!” when he said he would go out and fight with conviction. I believed the hype and that’s a good thing. Hey, can we replace Hajime with Eren Jaeger or something? This show would improve drastically with the switch.

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