Pixiv Initiativ Week 9: Onineko

Forgive me, I think I let my lolicon urges get the better of me this time…

I can’t believe we’re having lolis. No, I can’t believe we haven’t had lolis after nine weeks!

Okay, some of these don’t qualify as lolis, but they’re still pretty petite girls with youthful faces.

Link to Onineko’s Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3952

Why should you check out Onineko’s Pixiv? One, he’s a damn good artist. Two, the images I posted here are resized, his Pixiv has them in bigger sizes. Three has a lot more artwork in his Pixiv site.

You may have noticed, but a lot of the art I picked here are influenced by fairy tales. Even better, Onineko goes for more original designs than the famous Disney versions of these fairy tales.

Onineko also does some Touhou and Vocaloid fan art.

I always wonder how long it takes for someone to make art like these. You gotta appreciate all the time and effort these artists put in to their passion.

I also love how Onineko’s works have either cool or warm colors and barely ever messy mixtures of both.

Man, sometimes, things are best left as art. No way can I see these works being adapted to any other form.

As usual, I’m inviting you guys to Like the Facebook page since I post art from the latest selected artist every weekday.

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