Let’s Look at Shining Blade’s Elmina by Kotobukiya!

Jeez, it’s been two months since my last figure review…

*Sigh* Another Kotobukiya figure from the Shining series…Wait. Why am I complaining? I love these figures! What’s more, it’s been a looooong time since my last figure review! Whatever let’s get reviewing! As usual, I start with the head.

Elmina is a mixed bag of nuts in this area. Her hair looks okay but with her round head and her eyes rolled slightly upwards, her face looks kind of melted. With head raised a bit and her eyes looking up, I guess this means that Elmina is best viewed from above, which is usually how mostly people look at figures at a figure display at a convention. On photoshoots such as these though, she may look awkward. One good thing though is that the seam between her bangs and the rest of her head actually makes sense compared to Altina, my other Shining Blade figure.

I do like her design for the most part. The green and yellow color scheme makes me think of a vegetable, though nothing specific comes to mind. The red offers a nice contrast and overall, she has a pretty “fluffy” look on her. Except for her stupid pointy cowl.

Her pose is simple, and yet kind of unique. I’ve never seen another figure with her hands clasped in prayer. Her cheerful expression kind of contradicts with her reverent hand gesture. Again, I prefer her pose in the box art. Sure, she’s still smiling, but the combo of her face and her hands give off an “inviting” vibe. Like “Come join me in praising our Father!”. Whereas the pose she actually has makes me think that this is what God would be seeing if he stepped in to a maid cafe.

She has an apron under her dress. Adding more to the “holy maid” vibe I’m getting from her. The roundness of it also provides contrast to the pointed ends of her dress.

Her legs are okay. More frills and lace ribbons. Her boots have a similar style to Altina’s. I highly advise that you check out her figure review as well so you can see the consistent style Tony Taka goes for with these designs.

Her base is the absolute most disappointing thing in the history of disappointing things. It is a flat, green circle. There’s absolutely nothing elegant about it. Hell, it cheapens the overall appearance of the figure. It makes her look like some random toy I got from a Happy Meal at McDonalds rather than a pricey figure I bought online. Seriously, this makes me miss the plain white base the other Shining figures had.

You can see some slight unpainted parts between her fingers. It’s only noticeable really up close though. As in, “the lens of your camera is so close to the figure, it could be considered sexual harassment if it got any closer”.

Nothing really remarkable about her back. A recurring pattern to her design deals with round and pointed ends. Look at the back of her dress. The upper layer has half circles at the end, while the lower layer has a pointed, zigzag design. Tony Taka is a genius for incorporating really tiny details like these.

Again, her stupid cowl is just there. Painfully less detailed than the rest of her clothes.

Probably one of Elmina’s selling features are several detachable parts which you could use to make a smaller Elmina.

Actually, this means you could strip off some of her clothing.

Elmina wears pretty modest panties. How unexciting. I was sort of hoping she was wearing some sultry lingerie underneath her innocent appearance -Ugh. I’ve been reading too much H-manga.

Her hair actually looks awkward without her cowl. What’s keeping them up like that? Is her hair defying the laws of physics or are they that stiff? Girl needs to get herself some L’Oreal.

Still, I like her without her cowl. Now she looks like a teenager about to go to her prom. I hated my prom. I was all alone the whole time…LIES! I was dancing all night and I even lost a handkerchief and a bow tie in the dance floor.

So that’s it. The way I see it, she’s the cheapest of the Shining series girls so far. Simple design, simple pose, bland base, modest price. She’s not really a must-get. I just got her to add to my collection of Kotobukiya’s endless line of Shining series girls. Also, she was 40% off when I bought her at Plamoya. Would I have spent full price for her though? Nah. You can find much better figures for 7000 yen. Well, maybe I’m just being a cheapskate. Anyway, final notes. Decent job with the paint as usual for Kotobukiya. She only has a couple, really tiny flaws on her paint and neither of those really stand out. She has sharp, well sculpted details though it really is just how her head is positioned which makes her look weird sometimes. She’s pretty average and she doesn’t really stand out but she is part of the Shining series line of figures. Unless you’re really collecting those, you can probably find better things to spend your money on. Even if you are collecting the Shining series figures, I’d suggest looking around for the others before you choose to buy her.

Yeah, I know this is more of a picture of Altina, but hey, at least Elmina is in it. Also, I’m appreciating Altina a lot more these days for some reason.

Alright, go check out the Facebook page for other goodies and stick to the blog because I promise another figure review within the next three weeks. I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE IT!

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