Uchouten Kazoku 7 – More Naked Men

Okay, that’s definitely the trend for this season.


Oh look, Benten is flying again. Business as usual.

Yashiro complains about Akadama never ever taking a bath.

They visit Akadama. He’s spraying perfume all over the place.

Yasaburo tempts him by offering to turn into Benten if he goes to the public bath.

Akadama threatens Yasaburo with his almighty wind powers strong enough to create a gentle breeze!

Yaichiro arrives to take them to the bath house.

They get nekkid and scrub each others’ backs like real men.

Suddenly, fat people. Fat people everywhere.

The army of fatties was led there by the Ebisguawa brothers trying to convince Yaichiro to drop out of the elections.

Yaichiro transforms into a tiger but HA! The brothers came prepare with tiger-proof loincloths! Too bad they really need to take a potty break right about now.

They transform back into Tanuki and Yaichiro throws them into the bath.

Yaichiro grabs the elder brother and threatens to dump him in the cold bath if he doesn’t spill out whatever dirt he had that was supposed to ruin Yaichiro.

The little guy gets smug and tells him that his oh so powerful father ended up in a hotpot because he got caught drunk. What’s more, it was their own brother Yajiro that got his dad wasted.

Yaichiro and Yasaburo immediately leave to go see Yajiro. Yaichiro leaves Yashiro with Akadama because he fears that it might be too much for him.

Yajiro confirms that he did go drinking with their dad the night before he died. Yaichiro breaks down crying.

Yasaburo recalls his own experience of that night. He remembers seeing his brother come home drunk, and his father, not come home at all.


Obviously, with the last bit, things have gotten serious. But it’s weird. I don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand, I like how they’re picking up the pace and adding some drama which eventually builds up over the future episodes. On the other hand, I kinda wish they’d stay in the pace they were going in the past episodes. Nice and slow. Exploring the characters and their relationships with each other. Hey, something’s gotta give. Anyway, this episode itself was just as well written as the others, though it may not be so remarkable save for the end. It like the previous episodes always left the viewers with something to think about. This episode? Not really. I thought they were going somewhere when Yasaburo was talking about multiplying negatives but it ultimately went nowhere. Still, the dialogue was fluid as usual and I do think that each character had decent enough times to speak (Hey, gotta make sure those voice actors work for their pay!). It didn’t feel like some character was just there to remind you that that character existed. Though you do have to wonder what becomes of Akadama and Yashiro when the two brothers just left them there. Akadama must be wrinkled up like a raisin by now. As if he wasn’t wrinkly already. Oh yeah, that’s another thing. The first and the second half had barely any relations to each other. First one was about Akadama taking a bath. Suddenly, it’s about the tragic details behind the Shimogami Soichiro’s death. They really could have never brought Akadama to the bath house with them and it would have ended up the same either way. One last thing that irked me was that Benten was so shamelessly written off this episode from the start. She just flew away. Without explanation. After all those episodes building up her character. Ah well…

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