Danganronpa 7 – Silly Faces

With this show, Watamote and some others, I’m sure that all these silly faces is what most people will remember this season of anime by.


There are two main suspects for the crime: Yasuhiro and Kyoko. Neither of them were around to find the corpses.

During her absence, Kyoko found the justice robot suit and Yasuhiro inside it.

Yasuhiro explains that he was attacked and put in the suit but he has no way of proving it.

During the trial, Celes brings up some drafts of the robo suit she found in Yasuhiro’s room.

The picture of the robot attacking Hifumi was also brought up.

Kyoko shows them a note he found stuffed under Hifumi’s tiny dong.

The note proves that the initial attack on Hifumi was a setup and that he helped attack Ishimaru and then got himself attacked for realzies.

Naegi remembers Celes mentioning that both men were attacked when she wasn’t supposed to know about it.

Celes does her best Tomoko Kuroki impression.

Monobear wins at life again.

Celes explains that she took Alter Ego, placed it in Ishimaru’s room and used it to convince Hifumi to murder him.

Then, while Hifumi is busy with Ishimaru, she would attack him from behind.

Celes shares her dream of living in a European mansion, being served by generic-looking guys with eye problems.

Celes shakes hands with Kyoko before walking to her death.

Celes gets burned at a stake.

Thankfully, the heroic Monobear is there to put out the flames.

Celes actually left a key with Kyoko when they were shaking hands. It was for the locker room she hid Alter Ego in.

Kyoko tells Naegi about a secret room. Naegi gets attacked by a luchador.


In my weird rating scale of “ugh” to “awesome”, this was a “meh”, which means it was a pretty below average episode (“okay” is average). What was wrong with it? Well one, Celes was being way too obvious. I’ll admit, I only figured out it was her when she brought up the picture of Hifumi and the costume. It hit me that it was her taking this picture meaning that it may have well been a set up she was in on. Indeed, that was the case. Also, she tried way too hard to pin Yasuhiro down that it made it obvious that she had some secret intentions to this. Jeez, it’s like Japanese writers don’t even know what subtlety means. They could have one guy wearing an “I’m the killer” shirt and they’ll still try to make a detective mystery episode about it. Speaking of lack of subtlety, there’s Kyoko bordering on obnoxious levels of perfection again. Naegi is supposed to be our main character. He’s supposed to be Phoenix Wright. On the other hand, Kyoko is that walkthrough you found on GameFAQs which you’re now using to breeze throught the game. What irks me more about her is her total lack of common sense. “Oh? People are getting suspicious of me? It’s fine. I’m totes too cool for them anyway.” Yeah, let’s see her do her benevolent, “everyone secretly has a good side” act when she gets everyone executed for wrongly accusing her. Nope. Probably not gonna happen though. Seriously, if she knows she’s innocent, why let others keep their suspicions? If she was such a team player, she wouldn’t endanger her fellow students by letting them make false accusations. Ugh. But hey, not everything was so bad. Her “everyone secretly has a good side” claim actually paid of this time when Celes handed over the key. See, this is the right way to prove it, when people actually do show that they have a good side, not naively assuming they do after they get brutally executed by a stuffed bear. For a super duper smart detective, the “everyone secretly has a good side” assumption seems really unprofessional. But hey, what is rationality in a show where weirdo high school kids are being forced into a death game by a stuffed bear with the voice of a perverted old man? It’s quite ironic how a show with characters and setting that make little sense is supposed to make as much sense as possible when it comes to these murder mysteries. In a way, that’s sort of brilliant. A certain purple-haired know-it-all detective still ruins the thrill of it all for me though.

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