Gatchaman Crowds 6 – Worst. Chase Squence. Ever.

I’ve seen leisurely walks in a park more exciting than this.


Utsutsu uses her powers to heal the others.

Jou givers her some of his strength to use as well.

Hajime shows her face to greet Rui but Sugane grabs her and runs off before the rescue team arrives.

Unfortunately, she’s caught on camera and it becomes big news.

Paiman is obviously angry at Hajime for breaking the rules but JJ is nowhere to do something about it.

Paiman orders everyone to keep a low profile so Jou takes off.

Hajime and Utsutsu go to a stationary shop. Sugane tags along to ask Hajime about her recent actions. Hajime tells him that she knew what she was doing.

Hajime and the others get ambushed by the press interested on getting info about the Gatchaman.

Rui sends out a trio of masked men to scare the media off of Hajime.

Hajime recieves a message from Rui (under the alias LOAD GALAX) inviting her to see him.

Several people were assigned by Rui to help Hajime and Utsutsu find their way to his place.

After casually walking past hundreds of media people, the two girls finally meet Rui.

Also, Sugane appears, but that was all part of Rui’s keikaku (Note: Keikaku means plan).

Rui tells them about the world he envisions, a world without Gatchaman. A world where the people don’t need to be led by idols and heroes, instead each man should be competent enough to live for himself all the while being a contributing member of the collective.

Both Sugane and Hajime refuse Rui’s offer. Later, they get into another argument on how Rui should be seen from then on.


You know, I really really really wanna quit blogging this show. There are just so many things I dislike about it. First, there’s the main character Hajime. I’ve said this in the past before: She is a walking joke. It’s really hard to take her seriously as the main character with her mannerisms and fetish for office supplies! Sure, she’s supposed to be smarter than she lets on, but’s still painful to spend 20 minutes of my life each week watching her skipping and humming like a 4 year old. Also, her voice acting hurts my ears. The acting’s not bad but I just don’t like the sound of her voice. X, on the other hand, sounds great. Wish they could switch voice actors…Anyway, then there’s the almost complete lack of action despite this being an action show. For six episodes, we’ve probably had like six fights? And I’m pretty sure none of those ever lasted longer than two minutes. Seriously. Another thing! The show has pretty inconsistent directing. The first part with Utsutsu and Jou was great. You could feel Utsutsu’s emotions and the music that went with it complimented it well. Though there wasn’t really any infodumping, that short scene told me a lot about Utsutsu and Jou. Then we go to the next scenes with Rui being Rui and Paiman screaming his head off as usual. All the seriousness of the story just disappeared! Then we had the absolute worst chase sequence EVER. Seriously, you’d think with a destination to go to, people guiding her and a horde of journalists chasing her, Hajime would try to pick up the pace? Hahahahanope! It looked like she was shopping for groceries! Ugh…So, why haven’t I given up on this show yet? I mean, when was the last time we got a good look at Utsutsu in her underwear? Okay, the reason why I’m watching this show is because of everyone not named Hajime. Jou looks like a bum, acts like a bum but on occasion, you could see him get passionate about his job as a Gatchaman. Also, it helps that he’s freakin’ Ghot Rider-War Machine when he transforms. Utsutsu has this dangerous power that could harm her as much as it could harm others if it goes wrong. Rui is ambitious. He really stands by his own ideals while dealing with his own demons. This is what makes the show interesting for me. These characters that actually have problems to deal with aside from the problems of the society they want to protect. Not Hajime getting herself wet over a pair of scissors. I really wish the future episodes deal more about these guys than our airhead protagonist.

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