Uchouten Kazoku 6 – Animu Cinematography

I don’t wanna get into an argument about Eastern vs. Western animation but I gotta say that the Japanese pay more attention to these kinds of details generally more than the west does.

Summary (HA! Like you even need it!):

Yasaburo remembers how Akadama literally kidnapped Benten to make her his apprentice.

Yasaburo and Hotei follow Benten on the rooftops.

Hotei remembers meeting Benten for the first time. They were having this particularly dignified Tanuki for dinner and Benten was a lot more…normal?

Benten leads them to a park and then disappears in the light.

Hotei sits down with Yasaburo and shares his riceballs.

He remembers sharing a riceball with the Tanuki on the day he met Benten.

He also remembers how the Tanuki talked to him, telling him he regrets nothing as he lived a fulfilling life as a father and leader of Tanuki. Well, he was worried about tasting bad though.

Hotei tells him that that fateful encounter changed his view on life.

Yasaburo and Hotei climb down the rooftops and head home.

Yasaburo discovers that Kaisei was following him all this time.

Yasaburo decides to visit his brother as a frog.

He tells him about how he’s confused about being friends with someone who’s supposed to be the enemy of their kin.

Just then, Benten comes up to the well, not aware of Yasaburo’s presence, and cries quietly.

Meanwhile, Yaichiro and the head of the Ebisugawa family are competing for an upcoming election.


What can I say that I haven’t said before? Another great? It tells it’s story, no fillers, no pandering and manages to keep my interest. Whatever Uchouten Kazoku is doing, other anime should take note of. Every episode so far has been 100% relevant to the story. Not even Psycho Pass went out without a couple of filler episodes. Anyway, how about I be more specific with my thoughts for this episode? Well, this episode is kind of like the previous of course with a different setting, but it also gives us more about Yasaburo’s dad and Benten’s past. So what we know is that whatever made Benten the way she is now, happened after she joined the Friday Fellows. Again, more mystery to really get you interested in the character. Of course, then there’s the last few scenes with Benten crying. Benten having some kind of inner sorrow has always been hinted at, and the hints have been getting stronger with each episode. Also of note in this episode was Kaisei, who, despite only appearing for a few seconds, got me wondering about her character.  Up until now, we haven’t seen her in human form. Here’s the writers teasing another complex character again. See, I like this better than the typical mysterious guy hiding behind the shadows while stalking the main character. To be fair, not everyone has shapeshifting abilities. Anyway, seem to me that the future episodes will put more attention on Yaichiro’s quest to become the leader. It’ll be interesting to see how the show juggles this part of the story while keeping Benten relevant.

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