Danganronpa 6 – Is It Bad That I Want A Monobear Plushie?

And I’d be willing to buy it over other Danganronpa figures?


Aoi sees something scary while peeping into the bath house. No, it’s probably not Hifumi naked, though that might be just as bad.

Since another guy died, Monobear opens another part of school to the survivors.

Monobear brings in all the students to show off his phat pile of cash.

Aoi brings the gang to the bath house where she saw something frightning and they discover that it was just a program left behind by Chihiro.

Alter Ego (the program) turns into Mondo to cheer Ichimaru up.

Ichimaru gets so riled up, he becomes a Samurai Bride.

And as a final shocker, Alter Ego shows them a picture of the three dead guys buddying around.

The next day, the group catches Hifumi secretly trying to make Alter Ego his waifu.

He gets into an argument with Ichimaru who wants to make Alter Ego his substitute bro.

Shaggy drags Naegi with him to the bath house because he thinks Kyoko wants to get it on with them.

Nope. She just wanted to show everyone that someone stole Chihiro’s laptop.

Sometime later, they discover that someone has attacked Cles.

They spread out to search for the culprit and run into the two glasses guys who had nothing to do with the assault.

Celes shows them a picture of her assailant attacking Hifumi.

They look around some more and find Hifumi dead.

Somewhere else, they find Ichimaru dead.

They look around some more and then find both bodies in the same room.

Hifumi uses his dying breath to say Yasuhiro’s name.


This episode was odd. Of course, I was expecting someone to die but not two. I also didn’t expect a cheesy looking robot hitting people with toy hammers to be the murderer. Yeah, this episode had me asking a lot of questions and this is mostly a good thing. There are just several ways to go about this. Like, how is the missing laptop and the double murder related? How is the killer able to go around in that clunky suit and move faster than the rest of the gang? Why did Ichimaru suddenly turn into an old man? Now, the one major problem I had with this episode was that it gave itself away all too easily. In the scene where Monobear was telling them about the prize money, only Yasuhiro was really excited for it. That one simple reaction gave the whole thing away and made it obvious that he would be a major factor in this. It doesn’t help that he was completely absent while the assaults were going on and nobody even pointed that out. Really. That just made everyone look really dumb. Ah well, this case isn’t over yet. I do hope they have an extensive investigation scene next episode to clue us, the viewer, in enough to make sound guesses. There’s really very little point in watching mystery shows for me if I can’t join in on the fun.

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