Pixiv Initiativ Week 7: Booota

This week, we have a lot of school uniforms with artist Booota!

You know, these days, most people see the sailor uniform as merely a fetish costume, but there really is something beautiful about it. Look! The blue and white give this really calming vibe but the little red scarf offers a nice contrast.

LOOK AT DAT UNIFORM! Oh yeah. Here’s a link to Booota’s Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=652196

Oh yeah, school themes aren’t the only things Booota does.

There’s some pretty stylish art between all the school uniforms and Vocaloid fanart.

This guy actually has mastery of warm and cool colors.

Oh yeah, the artist’s Vocaloid art usually doesn’t have them in their default costumes. Instead, he puts them in some more original fashion.

Man, all these images of high schoolers sure is getting me nostalgic.

The image bellow reeeaaally hurts for some reason.

So there. Check out the Facebook page for my next pick for Pixiv Initiativ.

2 thoughts on “Pixiv Initiativ Week 7: Booota

  1. ninetybeats

    I’ve stumbled upon this artist on Pixiv. I like the variety in the artwork, from very colorful to more realistic. I see you’ve put in pixiv.net links, I must say I prefer the .com version a bit more. Pixiv has so many talented aritsts, its mindboggling.


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