Gatchaman Crowds 5 – Rui Has Nice Legs

He is a worthy trap indeed.


Hajime asks a bunch of questions which neither Sugane or Paiman could answer decisively.

Also, Hajime catches ol’ Sugane using GALAX.

The group gets another cryptic message from JJ about something entering a dark tunnel and this isn’t about sex (unfortunately).

26 visits Rui. Rui gives a long speech about his ideal world where heroes aren’t needed.

Remember the guy I kept calling girly man? Yeah, his name was Burg. Like that guy from the original series.

Rui goes for a walk while Burg follows and pesters him. Unfortunately, Burg is invisible to everyone else so Rui looks like a psycho.

Burg warns him about a coming earthquake that would devastate the city.

Hajime gets everyone to join her in another collage activity.

Utsutsu is caught playing with the origami paper Hajime gave her before. Yes, this is a highlight of the show for me.

The bus they’re on gets trapped in a tunnel that caved in (Remember what JJ said?)

Meanwhile, Rui is sulking for being born a man. X, tells him that the Crowds is his own power, not Burg’s.

With GALAX, Hajime and the others help rescue the other trapped people.

Rui and his army of giant eyeballs arrive. Almost on instinct, Sugane uses the Amnesia effect so they don’t see them.

A giant explosion causes everyone to evacuate.

Hajime transforms because I don’t know why.


I’m gonna keep this review short. Really short. So short, I’m typing this sentence just to make it slightly longer. Yep, making filler spaces just so it doesn’t look too short either. Anyway, read on. Pretty much the same things I’ve said before about this show. It has quite the messed up storyboard and that’s what’s really killing this show for me. This episode spent a lot of time on Rui and while it did clear up parts about his character, there were still some unnecessary bits like him screaming in the middle of the road (again) and his speech. It didn’t really need to be that long…It’s also still a question whether or not the writers want us to like him. Yeah, he seems to have noble intentions, but at the same time, so much of his weakness is shown that it’s hard to get behind him. Same pretty much goes for our heroes as well. Of course Paiman is being an annoying mascot, Hajime continues to be an airhead, Sugane is stiff, Jou is okay I guess and Utsutsu isn’t in her underwear enough. It’s been five episodes and it feels like this show is going in circles. Hopefully the appearance of Rui before the Gatchaman actually means something and they don’t split up and go about with their daily lives in the next episode. *Sigh* I’m really tempted to drop this show. Next episode is really going to decide if I do so or not. Shame, it almost feels like this show isn’t worthy of being called a Gatchaman, even if it’s just a spinoff.

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