Uchouten Kazoku 5 – That’s a Pretty Useful Power…

I mean, you could start a one-man strip show by shape shifting into whatever the audience wants.


There exists a secret group of humans who name themselves after the seven gods of luck and eat Tanuki hotpot every year end. They are the…Friday Fellows.

So Yasaburo really did run away after trashing Benten’s tea house and losing her folding fan.

He makes a brief return to his hometown but then finds himself hiding again when he sees Benten with a posse of Tengu.

Yasaburo visits his mom at a cafe. He complains about how terrible humans are but mom tells him not to be too quick to judge. She was saved by a human before.

Yasaburo goes to some guy’s house to hide from Benten. Kaisei just happens to be there inside a closet.

Whoop. Benten just appeared in the same house Yasaburo’s hiding in.

Yasaburo asks Kaisei to deliver a pack of special cigarettes to professor Akadama.

Yasaburo gets warned about Benten’s arrival and tries to escape but the whole place is surrounded by Tengu.

Yasaburo tries to hide as a Daruma but Benten literally smokes him out with one of the cigarettes.

Benten takes Yasaburo and tells him that he’ll be entertainment for the Friday Fellows to pay for wrecking her things.

Benten takes Yasaburo to a sukiyaki place, before the other Fridau Fellows arrive, she recount her experience of having Yasaburo’s father for Tanuki hotpot.

The other Friday Fellows arrive. Benten and Yasaburo sit with a man called Hotei.

Yasaburo and Hotei compete for a slice of beef.

For their entertainment, Yasaburo does some shapeshifting and almost gets away with stripping as Benten. Almost.

Hotei tells Yasaburo about the time he saved a Tanuki.

He took it home and fed it rice balls until it recovered. If you haven’t guessed by now, that Tanuki is Yasaburo’s mom.

The others ask why he still eats Tanuki hotpot even if he loves Tanuki so much. He answers with the familiar “I like them so much, I want to eat them!”

Benten gets bored with the drunken old men and brings Yasaburo to have a cocktail on the rooftop.

Daaamn! Look at that moon!


Another good episode! So far, there hasn’t really been an episode I didn’t enjoy. Somehow, the writers always seem to find new things to explore. This time around, the show -er- showed the Friday Fellows and hey, they don’t seem to be such bad guys. From what little we knew from them before, you’d think they were gang lords or something. The show built them up as this feared group of humans but they’re actually a bunch of old guys. They even seem like a likeable bunch. Anyway, I love how Benten continues to go around being playful and whimsical while everyone and their mother is afraid of her. These are one of the rare times that someone who isn’t the main character is the most interesting person in the show. DOn’t get me wrong, Yasaburo is a swell guy himself but what makes this show so complete isn’t just him, it’s the people he interacts with as well. Like I said, there’s already some established history between the characters and this time around, it’s shown with Hotei being responsible for why Yasaburo’s mom is so grateful to the humans. Now so far, the pacing for this has been fine. I’ve been enjoying the show but I’ve also managed to keep up with what’s going on. I guess I can say that my only worry is the lack of a visible conflict. There are so many ways a conflict can come up from the situations we have right now but currently, nothing’s moving. I do hope this either takes the route of a slice-of-life that really is about a slice of life, or they get something going soon and avoid shoving everything in the last three episodes like what most pseudo-slice-of-lifes do.

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3 thoughts on “Uchouten Kazoku 5 – That’s a Pretty Useful Power…

  1. agr0n

    He can only transform into things he has seen or variations of them he can only strip as Benten since he’s clearly seen her naked 2 episodes ago.

      1. agr0n

        Nice, but the magazine thing might not work since he would have to see them 3D to get the shape right other wise he would be a piece of paper of a naked woman :p

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