Danganronpa 5 – They Better Start Selling This

Oh look, spoilers…


The trial starts. Byakuya instantly accuses Touko.

Genocider Syo does awaken within Touko and acts all psychotic buuut…claims to be innocent.

Kyoko backs up Syo’s claim by pointing out that method of crucifixion is different and serial killers are very specific with this kind of stuff.

Then Naegi gets the idea to accuse Byakuya since he’s the only other person who knows about Genocider Syo’s murders.

They also figure out that the murder must have happened in the men’s room.

They discover through Kyoko that Chihiro is actually a dude.

Whoever murdered Chihiro must have been a boy since borrowing electronin handbooks weren’t allowed, the murderer had to steel from those who had already died and Leon’s handbook wasn’t functioning.

Celestia also bring up that time she caught Chihiro making her way to the gym with her gym clothes. She figures that whoever murdered him must have been picking the same color of clothes as him.

Freudian slip. Mondo accidentally mentions Chihiro’s gym clothes being blue even though no one mentioned it. Naegi and Kyoko are quick to point it out.

Of course, Kiyotaka doesn’t want to believe that his bro is a murderer.

Naegi theorizes that the murder must have happened while they were in the changing room.

Then Mondo would have moves all the equipment to the girl’s side to make it seem like the murderer was a girl.

Monobear confirms that Mondo is guilty.

Monobear reveals that Chihiro’s crossdressing was his dark secret. He would crossdress because he didn’t want others to see him as some weak boy.

Meanwhile, Mondo has been living with the guilt of causing his brother’s death when he got hit by a truck during a race.

Mondo lost it when Chihiro told him about wanting to get strong. He couldn’t believe that he can’t cope with his weakness while some girly-boy can.

Kyoko tries to console Mondo. She tells him that he must have fried Chihiro’s handbook in the sauna so that no one could no his secret.

Doesn’t matter, Mondo dies anyway.


Another decent episode, but again, there are some things I would have handled differently plus there’s just one question that this episode leaves me hanging with and I fear it won’t ever be answered. Let’s start with the good, well, this trial looked just as good as the last trial and I think it improved a bit in the sense that everyone was talking more, Kyoko and Naegi weren’t completely dominating the discussion and hell, Mondo put on a way better front than Leon. I guess we’re in level 2 now. Given time, I think Byakuya and Celeste might join in on the thinking more and contribute as much as Kyoko and Naegi would. Right now, it’s still just those two making claims and everyone else nodding their heads. Sure, this anime probably doesn’t have the time to have the characters argue and counter each others’ theories but they can at least have other people help narrow down the details. I also liked how the writing still made it uncomfortable to see Mondo die, especially since he wasn’t really made out to be such a bad guy in the beginning, even being shown as a quite the bro a times as opposed to Leon who was mostly a background character. In hindsight, I should have seen the focus on him as a deathflag. Like I said, these little scenes highlighting the characters mean that something is going to happen to them. Now Mondo’s execution wasn’t as morbid as Leon’s even with Monobear dancing just to mock the entire thing. He rides around that giant ball cage they have in carnivals and then he turns into butter. It doesn’t help that the pseudo-commercial for Mondo Butter starring Monobear was actually more funny than it was insulting. Anyway, the last thing I want to say is that they never really got around to explaining just why Mondo tried to mimic Genocider Syo. It would have made sense if he knew about Touko but he didn’t. Also, whatever happened to that guy who would knock on Sayaka’s door during the night? They never really got around to explaining that either.

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One thought on “Danganronpa 5 – They Better Start Selling This

  1. Quizoxy

    Not sure if you had played the game, but in the original plot it was Togami’s fooling to mess with the crime scene to create a fake evidence in accusing Genocider being the murderer – his main intention was to make things interesting and he already saw the culprit in action during the murdering. His extension cord and partial understanding about Genocider’s pattern allowed him to do so but Naegi was observant enough to spot the flaws. That was why Naegi went back to think that Togami was the culprit for the fact that he has been providing the information about genocider’s record. In the game, Togami show signs of disappointment when Naegi accused him and more plot goes behind that. This 24minutes episode is based on the 2 hour game play of second class trial and I don’t really expect much details from it, thus being less intense and mind twisting.

    Same goes for your second question, it is all answered within the game, probably you will want to give it a try.


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