Pixiv Initiativ Week 6: Petit Comet

We get into the weird fantasies of another artist this week! *Man, I miss fashion week already…*

The main reason why I picked Petit Comet for this week is that aside from being another great artist with really creative fantasy works, this artist did some fan art for Shadow of the Colossus, my all-time favorite PS2 game!

Before I forget, here’s the link to the artist’s Pixiv profile: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=133325

I’m not gonna deny it. I’m a sucker for water color effects such as these.

It blows my mind thinking how these works are made almost entirely digitally.

I also like the canvas-like texture very subtly layered on these works.

I wouldn’t mind having these sorts of work printed and framed in my room.

Again, this is one of those styles that does have a focal point subject of focus, but everything else in the artwork is nearly just as detailed.

It also helps that Petit Comet draws some pretty cute characters, guy or girl.

Even the tiny little specs of “dust” add to the effect of these art.

Once again, I invite y’all to go Like the Facebook page to get a heads up on who the next artist will be.

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