Gatchaman Crowds 4 – All That Imagery!

Sometimes you wonder if it’s some kind of foreshadowing or if it’s just nonsense like Hajime’s chirping…Unless that chirping is also foreshadowing…


Rui wishes he hired the Minions from Dispicable Me instead of these clowns.

One of the rescue workers shows off all the selfies he took to try to get himself some Facebook friends.

Yeah, Jou’s date with girly man isn’t going so well…

One of the CG cars didn’t get the memo that they’re not making another season of Initial D.

Jou goes home, tells his only friends that he was dumped by a girly man with shark teeth and a scorpion tail.

OD and Paiman see their chance for a rebound. You can just see the catfight coming from a mile away.

Hajime tries to get everyone to do a flash mob to the tune of YMCA by the Village people. Nobody sees the point of doing it at night.

Paiman loses a game of Vanguard to OD. Now OD gets to have the first turn a flirting with Jou.

The tacos Jou had on his date gets to him and he’s forced to take a dump on the street.

Utsu-tsu learns that it’s a bad idea to store flowers in your crotch.

She also learns that OD is gay, much to her disappointment.

Girly man gets into a dance battle with a badly animated Rui.

Rui wakes up after some really weird sex.

Meanwhile, Hajime is still looking for recruits for her flash mob.

Rui catches Girly-man flirting with another lady.

Another CG car fails to realize that there’s no new season of Initial D.

Drama! It turns out that woman Girly-man was flirting with was having an affair with two cops!

That dude on the left sure has some looong legs.

Jou decides to move to another town and change his name to Carlos Danger.


Terrible episode. Not enough Utsu-tsu in skimpy clothing. Okay, kidding aside, this was just the kind of episode this show needed to get interested in it again. This one episode does more with he plot in its twenty minutes than what the rest of the show was doing with its previous 90. Seriously, we were given hints that there’s more to OD and Paiman than meets the eye. Also, we’re shown that Utsu-utsu isn’t just a flat chested school girl walking around in her underwear. She’s having her own problems she’s dealing with. Then there’s Rui. This episode showed a bit of Rui’s origins and clears up his alignment a little. Sure, he was in cahoots with Girly-man (Whose name was mentioned in the show but I forgot…), but he’s also trying to change the world. While this show tends to sound like a GALAX commercial, it does make you feel how important that social app is to their world. And with Rui being the one handling things, you know he’s got a lot on his shoulders. Now, this episode could have been executed better. I like how the show was split into two segments. One on the Gatchaman, and another on Rui and Girly-man. However, I thought the dialogue was as stiff as usual and how the show just decided to randomly fit some Utsu-tsu character development was just weird. Also, my worst fears seem to have manifested. Even if the mood of the show has changed into something more serious (actually showing people dying because of Girly-man), Hajime is still an airhead who can’t get a clue and whatever character development the show was doing on her from the previous episodes, those didn’t really apply here.

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