Uchouten Kazoku 4 – Family Photos

A bonding activity murdered by the “selfie”.


Yasaburo invites Akadama to join his family for the Fire Festival.

He does indeed come, but waits for Yasaburo to show up and bring him in.

They have dinner together. Akadama is horrified to see them use good alcohol to fuel the floating tea parlor.

The Ebisugawa’s huge ship stops right beside them, as if to brag.

Akadama’s old friend joins in to talk about the good old days.

He remembers when Akadama got into a feud with a rival Tengu clan.

Unfortunately, both ends resulted to violence.

The rival clan began to harass Akadama by sneaking into his territory to vandalize the place.

That’s when Yasaburo’s father stepped in and trolled the rival Tengu by pretending to be a mountain and making their lives a living nightmare for one night.

The next day, Akadama calls him an idiot for expending all his power for him.

Yasaburo spots Benten in the Ebisugawa’s float.

Obviously, Akadama is not happy being in the wrong float.

The Ebisugawas begin shooting fireworks at Yasaburo’s family.

Yasaburo and mom return fire.

They manage to do significant damage on the Ebisugawas.

The Ebisugawas manage to get the upper hand and hit a chain and drag the Shimogamos closer.

Yasaburo sees Benten pointing at something, as if trying to help them out.

Yasaburo finds Benten’s fan and literally blows the Ebisugawas away while Benten flies off.

The attack causes the Ebisugawas’ giant float to sink.

Unfortunately, the dogfight expends all the tea parlor’s fuel.

Akadama, being a proud and stubborn Tengu, downs the last bottle of wine.

The float crashes, but everyone survives.

Yasaburo realizes that he lost Benten’s fan. Fearing being turned into Tanuki stew, Yasaburo flees from the city at the speed of light.


Another good episode. This show just keeps getting better and better. In fact, I could say that this episode might be enough to turn some people’s heads. This show was the total package. It showed interaction between characters. It had a flashback that showed the events years before the present timeline of the show. Plus the flashback here was in every way better than the flash back last episode. Also, there’s a lot of action in this episode. One of the most common complaints I hear from people who are skeptical about this show is that it’s all talk and no action well here! You get to see the full moment of Shimogamo Soichiro owning the Tengu by becoming a mountain. Also, there’s the wonderful and grand “battle” between the Ebisugawas and the Shimogamos. Airships are awesome enough on their own but the fireworks really makes the scene more marvelous. Also, I love how Benten just toys with everyone. Yasaburo, Akadama and even the Ebisugawas. It just makes her character more interesting and it makes me excited to see future episodes to slowly solve this puzzle that is her character. See, a character like her could easily be passed off as a hollow character, someone who’s all personality and no history but the writers were careful to avoid that. They established it in the first episode that all these characters we have are deeply rooted to a past intertwined with one another. This shows that the writers really know what they’re doing. They really carefully thought this out and that’s great by most anime standards.

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