Danganronpa 4 – Manservice

Sure is popular thing this season…


Monobear opens up another level of the school with a library and a gym.

Naegi finds a letter from the principal about the school being closed down.

Byakuya gets into a fight with…everybody.

The girls decide to go for a swim but get stopped by Monobear.

Monobear explains that they can only enter using their electronic handbooks. If not, they get gunned to death.

Touko is caught drooling over Byakuya while spying on him.

She misinterprets Byakuya’s insults as advice coming from his deep care for her.

Meanwhile, Mondo and Kiyotaka get into a fight which leads to a sauna contest.

Though the next day, they appear to be bros again.

Celestia and Hifumi make a scene when Hifumi botches making tea.

Monobear raises the stakes by threatening to reveal dark and embarrassing secrets of the students if someone doesn’t get killed within the day.

Naegi wakes up the next day to an announcement by Monobear telling him that someone just got murdered.

It’s Chihiro.

And so the search for clues begins.

Celestia remembers seeing Chihiro with a bag of clothes the night before.

Kyoko retrieves the handbooks of the dead students.

Byakuya shows Naegi police records of Genocider Ryo, who’s murders have been similar to the way Chihiro was killed.

Aoi brings Byakuya and Naegi to Touko who’s acting unstable.


An okay episode. What I like about shows like these is that every episode needs to keep the plot moving. There’s no such thing as a filler episode when a psychotic stuffed bear wants someone dead almost every day. Now this episode put more focus on Byakuya, and to an extension, Touko, more than usual. Before this, they were just background characters identified as the jerks of the group. It’s good to see Byakuya getting more involved and Touko being strangely cute with her fangirling. Sure, Byakuya is still a prissy douchebag, but at least he was a prissy douchebag who’s actually taking the whole thing seriously. In the mean time, we have two guys just goofing off having sauna contests…but maybe it’s a distraction?! Maybe¬† one of them is the killer! Naww, can’t be right? I mean, the killer wouldn’t be able to get into the girl’s gym room! Right? Right? Well, was that really the girl’s gym room though? Think about this: Chihiro is a boy. “Well, someone could have moved his body, right?” Yeah, but remember the poster of the gravure idol? Go back to the scene where Sakura-chan is working out. The poster was of the male idol group. Sakura is a girl. That could be the girls’ room. That could also explain why Sakura’s drink stains were gone. Everyone might be too stupid to notice that they’re in the wrong room. There’s also the thing with Genocyder Ryo who only killed men. Sounds like something a man-hating woman would do. “But I thought you said the killer would be a guy?” Yeah, well what about Chihiro’s missing handbook? Someone could have used that to get in. So it would have been someone who wasn’t updated by the rule against borrowing handbooks. Wait, wasn’t Kyoko shown with three handbooks? One turned off? Could that be…? Nah, she’s too much of the stereotype “cool and mysterious ally” to be the murderer. That scene was probably there to throw people off. Hmm…AARGH!!! I don’t know. For Pete’s sake, there’s a surveillance camera! Just get some super duper hacker to access it! Oh wait, the super duper hacker is dead…Ugh, the show is being too ambiguous for me. Well, that’s more of a personal gripe, some more legitimate criticism would be how the animation quality has gone down a bit. This can be observed around the scene with Touko fangirling over Byakuya. Quite a few distorted faces around that spot. That’s it for now I guess. My money’s on it being a buy, who can probably lift seeing as how the murder weapon was a dumbbell.

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