Gatchaman Crowds 3 – Kodak Moment

Or would “Instagram Moment” be the thing to call it now?


Since Hajime befriended the little MESS, there have been zero reports of MESS attacks.

OD thinks that the MESS may have some hivemind mentality and that they may communicate by shape-shifting.

Meanwhile, Rui receives a call from one of the 100. Rui rejects the call and talks about not letting them use their powers.

A reports about a factory distributing bad milk gets around in the GALAX community.

The report reaches Hajime and friends conveniently during lunch hour.

Hajime calls Sugane and other students to stop the distribution of milk within the school.

She passes by Utsu-tsu and tells her to spread the word as well.

Some of the students try to get to the P.A. system to warn the rest of the school but a doubtful teacher is stopping them.

Even the teacher’s colleagues tell him to let the kids pass but he still won’t move.

Hajime gets Sugane to create a distraction to lure the teachers out of the room.

Hajime sneaks in to the faculty room but gets caught by two teachers.

Fortunately, those two teachers were willing to help out the students.

Hajime and the others celebrate as they manage to stop the distribution of the bad milk.

From the data gathered from the milk crisis, Rui narrows down the enemies of GALAX: Old people.

Another crisis emerges when a helicopter crashes on a cable car line.

Meanwhile, a couple of delinquents are thinking of messing with their teacher.

Girly man appears before them and transforms into the one with the knife.

Girly man causes a scene by going on a stabbing spree in public.

Jou chases him down and they come face to face.

Another one of the 100 tries to contact Rui. Going by Rui’s AI assistant’s calculations, the helicopter rescue is a hopeless cause.

Rui sends out the Crowds to do the job.


Another episode of Gatchaman that leaves me confused. Not in the “I didn’t understand the story” kind of confused, no the story was fine. I just don’t know how to rate this particular episode. I wanna say “mediocre” but…Anyway, this episode spent most of it’s time trying to show how integral GALAX has become to their society. Also, this episode continues to build Hajime as some sort of hometown hero. I guess this helps in slowly changing my impression of her. She’s not so much the airheaded idiot I thought she was in the first episode. Then again, it would have been best if the show didn’t portray her as such an idiot in the first place. Then there’s also Rui who I thought would have been an antagonist. This episode shows him as an outside force though. Someone not aligned with either the Gatchaman or the Girly man. Someone’s who’s got his own agenda. I do have to wonder about the crossdressing though. Sure, everyone here has their quirks but I’d like to think that his crossdressing is his way of hiding his identity from the public. Girly man seems to be content with walking around town, kissing men and causing chaos. At least we’re sort of promised confrontation next week. As well as an update with the helicopter situation where I guess we’ll see the Crowds in action too. That’s it! That’s what’s wrong with this episode. This episode is half a build-up for a key concept (rather than a character which would have been much more entertaining) and also half a hype episode for next week. Can’t say making this early an episode a bridge episode was a good idea though. In a way, it stalls my interest in this series.

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One thought on “Gatchaman Crowds 3 – Kodak Moment

  1. Quizoxy

    So far the plot remains mysterious – or in another words being doubtful at the same time. Not knowing what to expect, it can either go way up or into the dump. Regardless, I appreciate the character development, not just for quirky Hajime herself but also Sugane, Utsutsu and the rest. A visible change in their character are slowly becoming prominent for their team in my opinion.


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